Position Furniture for the Best View

No matter what view you have, it’s tricky to strike the balance between enjoying the natural beauty from your windows and making the most of the functionality of your furniture. Here are some tips to consider when positioning furniture in order to achieve the greatest vantage point in any room in your home.

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Perfect Placement

When it comes to traditional furniture placement, the layout of a room may conflict with the large windows that provide a fantastic view. Generally, furniture is situated against bare spaces – like a large, open wall – that don’t always take advantage of the view from large windows in the same room.

“It will take more time and consideration, but it’s important to stand back and view the room in a new or unusual way,” states Brittainy Tiffany, a interior design specialist in Portland Home Staging. Instead of placing couches, tables and chairs where they may usually sit in a living space, consider carefully which angles and positions may offer the best access to the large windows without losing the functionality of the space. Try a variety of different options and choose your favorite.

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Consider People

Not all placement for the best views concerns what’s outside your windows. If your home has large open areas – especially as a Great Room – take some time to incorporate the view you may have of your family and friends as well as the natural light from any windows or skylights in this space. It may be more important to strike a balance with pieces of furniture throughout this room, using well-placed pieces pointing outward towards the view while clustering others so that family and friends have places to connect.

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Avoid Clutter

While deliberating about where furniture should be placed, it’s important to make sure that your furniture isn’t competing with the focal point of the room: in this case, the view. Wild patterns or unconventional color schemes may detract from the beauty that’s already there.

It’s also important to take in the size, shape and amount of furniture within the room. Through the process of deciding where furniture should be placed in this particular living space, you may determine that it’s best to get rid of larger or bulkier pieces. Smaller pieces may fit better, but too many of them can clutter up your space and also take away from the beautiful expanse outside your windows.

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Color Inspiration

Once your furniture has been positioned, take into account the color scheme created by the view through your windows. Whether you’re looking out across an expanse of cerulean water, velvet green hills or a rustic forest, take a cue from your surroundings when it comes decorating your room.

Brittainy Tiffany of Tiffany Home Design specializes in Home Redesign and Interior Design Services while serving her community as a Portland Home Stager in Oregon.

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