Pimp Your Baby’s Crib

Bedskirt Crib photo by bisongirl

The nesting instinct might be less physical than morning sickness, but definitely deserved its spot on the seemingly endless list of pregnancy signs and symptoms. If you are expecting, and hoping to direct your nesting feelings towards creating a lovely little…. “nest” for your baby, one of the best ways of doing so is making your nursery as pretty as possible. Which brings us to cribs. Unless you want to spend a fortune, nearly all cribs look identical. Isn’t there a way to make your baby’s crib more personal?

There are many ways to pimp your baby’s crib. Here are our tips to create a truly unique sleeping space for your little one.


One of the easiest yet most creative things you can do to make a simple wooden crib look more cozy is painting it. You want to make sure the paint you choose contains no toxins that could be harmful to your baby either while you are painting and he or she is still safely tucked inside your womb, or after your baby makes an entry into this world. Other

Crib with a new paint job, photo by tofslie

than that, everything goes! We saw a beautiful green crib decorated with bees when I was pregnant with my oldest child, but were shocked to see it cost almost $1,000. We created nearly an exact replica by painting a simple crib in different shades of green, and then applying wall stickers of bees and flowers onto it.

Wooden Applications

The head and foot ends of cribs are often made out of solid wood, without those bars you get on the sides. If you buy a crib like that, you can make nice shapes out of MDF (you’ll need a saw and sandpaper), paint them, and stick them on there. Trains, cars, trees, or birds are some suggestions of what you can create.


Photo by boujiannouna

You’d be surprised how much of the look of the crib is in fact determined by the bedding. Tie-dying your baby’s sheets results in a ‘60s feel for her crib. If you are handy with a sewing machine, you can also applique shapes on sheets, and of course make your own baby quilt – or get grandma to do it for you! There are also many avenues to get homemade crib bedding through Etsy or related sites.

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