Ode to a Lamp

I have a serious yen for lamps. I won’t call it an obsession because I can look at those beautifully artistic sources of light and actually keep moving without always purchasing, but I love them. And I squeal at the sight of a pretty lamp just as delighted as I do over pretty shoes on sale. I’m not proud of it but I keep it all in line, or try to. Functional art, in general, just pleases me to no end, but I know that lamps in particular, when shining with that warm glow of invitation, can make any room.

Mid-Century Modern designs are particular favorites, with their “space-age” nod to tomorrow that often translates into pure unadulterated kitsch. Whether organically shaped with easy curves or somewhat austere in line and form, as long as there is

Photo by paperfacets

some warmth to the design, be it created by color or material, I’m hooked. Mid-Century designs also pair surprisingly well with other furniture choices, from Victorian to Scandinavian.

Lamps designed with organic styles are also intriguing; almost as if the lamp washed up from the shore fully formed. Granted the shell-shellacked table lamp most likely wouldn’t find a place of honor in my own home but I can easily see it becoming a showpiece next to a friend’s retro Tiki bar. From floor lamps made of paper to beautiful distressed glass globes, they’re all wonderful. And ones that take on the shape of trees and branches are also a beautiful blend between functionality and whimsy.

Simple lamps that are little more than glass and wire also intrigue when paired with cobalt blue or a surprising use of silk or sisal. Yes, on one hand these styles say lamps are pedestrian tools, but when care is taken to make the viewer feel something then lamps become something more. They illuminate, entertain, express your style, set the mood, and can be far more than their basic function simply by being beautiful, quirky or fun.

When shopping for a new lamp don’t just consider the way it’s shaped, its size, and on; also consider the shadows it will cast, the colors that it will infuse your room with, the vibe. Lamps can tie a room together or stand out like an ugly, wounded thing. And maybe you aren’t the kind of person to give it much thought, but when you take into account how comparatively recently we’ve been able to enjoy the wonders of indoor lighting it’s a good reminder of how far we’ve come, and how quickly.

So if lamps are still just mundane objects to you consider having another look. Because if that guest bedroom is still not coming together, you may want to look at the lighting and see if that’s the simple change you need. Or maybe you just love the lamp and you’re sure that the lamp loves you, and you’ll find the perfect spot for it some day; go on and get it.

What? Did you really think I’d try to talk you out of it?

Author Emma Bell writes for Coupon Croc. With these great deals on lamps you can feel ok about your obsession.

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