My Old Bachelor Pad vs. a Modern One

I have to start by confessing that my eyes go a bit misty whenever I recall my old bachelor pad. I spent many happy hours in there listening to my records, reading books and entertaining guests. It wasn’t a place of sumptuous luxury but it was somewhere I felt relaxed in and could bring people back to without any shame.

Some of my favourite memories of being young, free and single revolve around the place I stayed in and the fun times I had there. It is now some sort of swanky loft apartment and I don’t even have a picture of it the way it used to be. However, I can mentally reconstruct every inch of it in my head whenever I want to remember just what I used to get up to in the days when first thing in the morning meant 11am and a healthy, balanced meal meant ordering a diet coke with the kebab.

Where’s the Lava Lamp?

Yet, my happy memories were shattered the other day when I went to my friend’s new bachelor pad and was blown away by how he has fitted it out. There was no sign of the likes of the chunky radio with cassette player I used to use, a VHS player or even one of those lava lamps I used to get so much pleasure from watching.

As I got married a few years back I have slipped out of touch with games, gadgets and entertainment options a little, but I hadn’t realised that I was quite so far behind the times. For example, I was stunned to see that pride of place in my mate’s pad is a flight simulator. He had always wanted to be a pilot is seems, and now he can be one without the inconvenience of troublesome exams and potentially life threatening accidents.

I would imagine that he spends a lot of time hooked up to this addictive machine, but when he invited me around he very graciously let me take the captain’s seat. Or maybe I barged him out of the way, I can’t quite seem to recall now how it all happened. Anyway, the end result was that I got to take part in an amazing simulation which ended in an emergency landing but which was incredibly exciting while it lasted.

As I wandered around the place I bumped – literally – into a fantastic popcorn making machine which was nestled beside a chocolate fountain. Oh, the fun I could have had with these in my days of Pot Noodles and Curly Wurlys. It looks as though he has every angle covered and can either enjoy a quiet night in on his own, eating tasty delights and taking to the air, or invite round friends to marvel at his stuff and pass time together.

Some people might think of a bachelor pad as being somewhere a bit dull, but here anyone could see that it doesn’t have to be like that at all. No matter what tastes you have you can find a way of cramming it in and treating yourself to a place fit for a king.

Old Classics Never Die

Photo by Melissa Gray

Just as I was starting to get envious and wondering whether quickie divorces are as easy as they say, I stumbled across something which brought a smile to my face; he has the same style of classic dart board as I used to have in my bachelor pad. I was delighted to see that some things just never go out of style.

I actually won mine in a newspaper competition as a kid and it still remains to this day the only thing I have ever won. My mate’s isn’t filled with thousands of holes like mine, and neither does the surrounding wall closely resemble a piece of Swiss cheese like mind did. However, the site of something so familiar made me think that no matter what fancy, modern gadgets delight and enthral us there will always be space in a bachelor pad for the classic items as well.

Robert is a keen writer on games room equipment, in particular pool tables, and works for games room specialists Liberty Games.

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