Multitudes of Choices Available for your Kitchen Door Re-Vamp

The doors within your kitchen don’t just serve a function; they also decorate your room!  The right kitchen door can determine how light or dark your kitchen is, how simple or ostentatious the design and just the overall feel and theme.  I must admit, I had wanted to change my kitchen for a while, as it always felt a bit drab but I find myself a trifle bored in DIY shops, so I investigated another avenue – the internet!

Before I chose a door to adorn my kitchen cupboard, there were a few things I had to consider, and I feel they are basic rules that can be applied to everyone who wants a re-vamp.  First is the colour scheme of your kitchen itself – you’re most likely not going to want to put green kitchen doors into a red room – which is probably why white, cream and polished pine are the most common kitchen door choices.  Not only do they go with every colour, they look clean and fresh and will brighten up every room, but they present the best compliment to any wall colour, so you can paint your walls as dark as you want and your kitchen will never look gloomy or foreboding!  On the same note, the dark kitchen doors can be brightened with a lick of light coloured paint on the walls.  And you don’t have to stick to conventional colours, either.  There’s a whole host of kitchen warehouses that you can view online, and they all have fantastic ranges in quirky colours if that floats your boat. Most even have the option of a “paintable door” that has been primed and is just waiting for you to lavish it in any colour you wish!

When you do get round to changing your kitchen doors, you’re not limited to any one material, what with the massive range of materials and finishes.  Choose from ultra-gloss in a variety of colours for a chic, modern look or try the vintage look with solid wood Pippy Oak.  They also have wood grain – even giving you the option of choosing grain direction – and the ultra-gloss door even come with your choice of grain or plain effects.  Basically, there is literally something for everyone, no matter what your style!

The fantastic thing about these is that the majority come with free handles, so not only are you saving money there with just actually paying for the door, you get to mix and match the designs.  Along with a huge selection of kitchen doors and finishes, there is an array of kitchen door handles, from modern steel in the form of T-Brads, slick ovals and extremely modern designs to a classic wooden knob or even tradition pewter for an ultra-vintage feel.  Again, this means you can decided exactly what handle goes with whatever door you have chosen, so you’re not limited in the slightest and cane get exactly what YOU want.  Before you head out to your local hardware shop or kitchen showroom, it is well worth a little look online.  Not only does this provide an easier, fuss-free avenue but you also get some fab deals that maybe wouldn’t be open to you in a shop!


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