Modern Kitchen Design & Decorating Ideas

Today’s modern kitchen is so much more than just a place to prepare meals.

The kitchen is a gathering place. It is the heart of the home, where families gather to chat and cook and where children do homework.

As such, you want to be sure that your kitchen is as open and inviting as possible. So, how do you make your kitchen more inviting and modern?

The size of the kitchen is very important if you do a lot of cooking and especially if the whole family is involved in the process.

There are some fairly simple upgrades you can do to make your kitchen home improvement project not only simple and fun, but will make it a more modern and comfortable space in which to cook.

Modern kitchen design emphasizes clean lines, bold shapes and functional utility over the more ornamental design elements typical of a traditional kitchen.

Sometimes a simple thing like moving a picture can give a room a whole new look, so look around your kitchen and see what kind of changes you would like to do for your kitchen home improvement project.

Do not tackle a project that might be too much for you. Save that for a contractor to bid out at a later date. One kitchen home improvement project that is fairly simple, is to add tiles to a counter that may be just old counter top.You will need to take up the old counter top and if necessary replace the old  wood.

Next comes tile and grout selection. You can either match your grout to the tile or choose something that creates contrast.

While there are unlimited numbers of gadgets for the kitchen today, remember that modern design is about choosing objects carefully for utility and not having a bunch of items that are rarely, if ever used!

Some other ideas to give your kitchen a sleek, modern decor:

Reduce the Clutter
Modern design should emphasize clean lines and strong organization of items. Few items will be displayed on the counter tops and the ones that do are chosen specifically because they are used regularly and have been chosen for their quality, form and utility. If you do have a lot of kitchen gadgetry, you will want to keep many of these items stored away. You can also rotate the items you keep on display for a little more variety! Learning to be more spare is part of the modern aesthetic.

Minimize Details, Emphasize Consistency
In selecting kitchen cabinets for a modern kitchen, most designers like to choose a single style of door, usually a flat design, to maintain consistency of color and form. Hardwood with evenly sized planks or large tile flooring materials will be the most commonly used styles.

Sleek looking appliances with clean lines and styling, all from a single manufacturer will help maintain consistency, which is important in the modern design aesthetic. Counter tops should use innovative materials like polished concrete, glass, or highly polished stone rather than traditional textured marble or granite surfaces.

Make the details matter
Where a traditional design focuses more on pattern, modern design is focused on form and shape. Neutral wall colors are a natural choice in the modern kitchen decor, with color being provided more by accent pieces.

Use quality materials
To make lines and forms stand out, you will want to choose the highest quality materials your budget allows for where possible. This ensures that each design element chosen will stand out and none will seem like an afterthought.

Fewer elements, strong sense of scale
Ornate decorative elements are common in traditional design. Function and form, large shapes and minimalist design are the cues that reveal a modern kitchen. You want your modern kitchen to have more depth created by shape and texture. Try polished stone or glass tile for the backsplash.

Modern does not mean fashion forward
Designing a modern kitchen does not imply that it has all the latest kitchen gadgets and fashion. Modern is a design aesthetic that continues to evolve. Fushion of different styles has also become part of the modern movement, with people trying more adventurous textures, fabrics, and forms. You might hang blown glass bowls from Italy on your wall or set an abstract sculpture on the counter top or kitchen table to add interest, color and culture to your modern kitchen decor.

Frosted glass, used in cabinet doors can make for an interesting modern element. If you have colorful dishware behind the doors, you will get an interesting effect of color and hints of the shape and form through the glass. Use accent lighting inside the cabinet to play up the effect.

Light, airy and inviting, the modern kitchen is both uncluttered and functional in purpose.

A few more ideas for your modern kitchen design:

  • Glass cabinet doors or open cabinetry – while it may not be practical to expand or add windows, you can still use glass to enhance the space by using clear or opaque glass panes in your cabinetry.
    Just remember that if you have clutter or unsightly items inside, you’ll be showing it all off! So, choose carefully which cabinets this idea makes sense for, keeping items there which you want to display.
  • Lighting – lighting design makes all the difference, especially in the kitchen. If your kitchen has a single light fixture in the center of your ceiling, add task lighting and accent lighting to transform your modern kitchen design.
  • An easy lighting option is adding a little under-cabinet lighting in your kitchen. Above-cabinet lighting is another good option if your cabinets allow space. Inexpensive rope lights are perfect for this application.
  • Recessed lighting fixtures are a good option for both ambient and accent light sources. Install adequate task lighting over work stations like the range and your kitchen sink. Pendant lamps, modern-style chandeliers or track lighting make good options as well.
  • Bright, warm colors and tones – to make your kitchen seem larger, try using white, off white, yellow or another light color instead of darker wall paint colors on the walls! Lighter colors will reflect light more readily.
  • White, off white or stainless steel applicances are also hallmarks of the modern kitchen decor. Add color with your accessories – try using bright dish towels, floor and sink mats, area rugs and accent pieces like vases, bowls, etc.
  • Hang bright wall art of an Italian cafe or your favorite dishes. Modern kitchen decor should be sparse compared to more traditional styles, but you can still have fun. A major concept in modern decor is that using less color on the walls will emphasize decorative elements more dramatically.

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