Latest Trends and Must Haves in Home Décor

Out with the old and in with the new!

In spring 2011, indoor and outdoor home décor is stepping up to the plate and hitting a grand slam in the field of design, fashion, quality and home decor.

Don’t want to be left behind? Here are the top trends and must haves in home décor and renovation:

Goodbye Carpet, Hello New Flooring

Yes, that’s right. That shag, berber or all white show every stain carpet said goodbye in 2010, and flooring trends are  taking the home decorating scene by storm. Start by considering your everyday lifestyle if you are debating which type of flooring to choose. You want floors that compliment you. For areas of your home that are high traffic, hard wearing floors are the best choice. Areas like your bedroom, however, should remain nice and cozy on your feet. Area rugs are quickly becoming the hottest accessory in home décor. Area rugs are replacing carpet because hardwood and tile flooring is the new luxury in home design. Area rugs give you the warm and comfortable feel of a room without the use of wall to wall carpet.

Today, hardwood floors are taking on a new edge. It is no longer the dark and light oak in exact same size panels. The new trend of hardwood flooring is moving towards exotic woods, wide widths and distressed, vintage and old world finishes.

Hardwood flooring has many benefits besides its timeless beauty and luxury feel. It is easy to maintain, it comes in a variety of finishes, it adds value to your home and it promotes healthy indoor air quality because it doesn’t trap dust and dirt. Hardwood floors are shaking up the world of interior design by adding ambiance and luxury to make homes look elegant and trendy.

Go From One to Several

Do you have one large room in your home that does not fit your needs just right? Maybe you want a guest bedroom and an office in one? Maybe you have two children, but only one room? Maybe you want an office in your living area. Whatever the case, there are ways to divide a large room into multiple spaces without spending a fortune.

Curtains and shutters are a great solution for this problem! If you opt for curtain, all you need is a spring rod, a fabric or curtain that accents the room and curtain rings. Make sure you measure from floor to ceiling so you know how long the fabric needs to be. You also want to pick a color that adds to the room. If you have neutral walls, drapes and curtains can be a beautiful accessory, plus they divide your room into sections. Drapes Curtains N More is a great web site that allows you to customize your fabrics so you can get the perfect match for your space.

If you want to use shutters, make sure you purchase enough panels to separate the room into two parts. Panels usually do not go from floor to ceiling; however, they do add a very contemporary feel to the room. Shutter room dividers come in a variety of colors so you can match the divider with your wall color or use it to accessorize as well.

Fashion Leads Home Design

If you love fashion, use your wardrobe to merge into your home! The same zebra or leopard print on your Dolce & Gabbana purse makes a dynamic chair in your sitting room and on the area rug in your living room. Stripes are a hit this season too! Stripes are making their way from runway to entry way. The nautical feel with bold navys, reds and purples are the must-haves against a neutral stripe, and black and white will never die. The stripes are the focal points of the outfit as well as the focal point of the room. Try throw pillows with dramatic stripes in the living room and a window seat or a chair cushion in the kitchen or sitting area. In your outfit and in your home, stripes are all about drawing attention.

Let’s talk about shoes. Wooden shoes are coming back and so is wooden furniture and flooring. Next time you are in a department store, stop by the shoe department and notice how much wood you see. Do the same when you watch HGTV. Notice a trend?

The skin-tight-barely-there clothing is out and silk, loose billowy blouses and dresses are in (phew, isn’t that great news ladies?) The same goes for your home. Oversized furniture, floor to ceiling drapery and silk textures in solid colors are what’s hot.

The spring 2011 fashion and home design season is all about simple drama. Wood bottoms on a solid pump, a bright stripe on a neutral color or a flowy fabric in a solid color. Fashion has met its match in home design!

Go Green

People everywhere are taking interest in the “eco-friendly” movement and looking for that “green” label before making a purchase. If the item is tagged all-natural, organic, recyclable or environmentally friendly, there is a pretty good chance that will make it into the shopping cart over the competition. As we progress to a natural way of life, there are many things you can do to heal our planet and green your home.

There are several types of organic bedding made from all-natural fibers such as bamboo, soy silk, hemp, cotton and more. These sets are made with all- natural dyes and are biodegradable. Conventional cotton is made with toxic chemicals and harsh dyes that hurt our environment. These chemicals surround our children and families daily. However, there is a healthy alternative available: organic cotton! It has softer and higher quality fabric plus it saves energy and reduces the amount of pollution in the environment. Fabrics such as Sunbrella and BioComfort are mindful of chemical waste and provide an eco-friendly organic option in beautiful colors, patterns and designs to customize the perfect cushions, drapes and pillows for your home.

Another way to dress up your home with eco-friendly styles is with plants. Plants not only provide beauty to your home, but they also clean the air. Plants have the power to absorb harmful chemicals and make your living space a pleasant experience. Gerbera daisies, peace lilies, english ivy and bamboo all fall into the eco-friendly category.

Finally, blackout curtains not only block all of the light coming in and out of the room, but they also save energy! Thirty-three percent of home heating and cooling energy loss comes via windows. Not only are you sleeping longer and saving money, but you are helping the environment.

Outdoor Space Brings Property Value

In today’s economy, people are reconsidering their mansion dream home and making changes and updates accordingly. Make the most of what you can afford. The best way to do this is to create a higher property value in your home. This is not just indoors, but outdoors as well. Researching products that are high quality and last a life time is what people want to purchase. Yes, you will have to spend some money, but having beautiful furniture and curb appeal increases your property value and makes your outdoor space beautiful. It is a great investment if you think about it!

Enhancing your outdoor setting makes your indoor setting look that much better. Today’s latest outdoor furniture is nothing like grandma’s outdoor wicker chair. High end brands such as teak are crafted to hold up against the outdoor elements and last a lifetime. Teak is not only beautiful, but it requires no maintenance. It does not split or require paint every spring, and it is made from all natural wood.

The same is true for outdoor fabrics; fabrics from brands such as Sunbrella will not fade from the sun or mildew from the rain. These fabrics come in a variety of textures and patterns and can be used for your indoor and outdoor living space. Sunbrella drapes hanging over your teak furniture set holding bright Sunbrella cushions makes your own “Better Homes and Gardens,” right in your very own backyard.

Whitney Hicks is the marketing coordinator at My Home Furnishings and Drapes Curtains N More. She enjoys writing feature articles and engaging in social media and blogging in areas such as home decor, design and home improvements. Whitney is a public relations graduate from Auburn University.

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