Latest Living Room Design Ideas

Living rooms can be the focal hub of any house. They are the place where you relax with a glass of wine after a hard day of work, where family and friends gather to gossip and share news and where children play on the floor with their latest toys or read their books on the sofa. In the recent past design programs and house magazines have emphasized the use of neutral, verging on the bland, colors! Happily now the latest thinking is about creating a space that works well just for you, your family and your needs. Everybody is different so reflect a style that fits in with the character of your personality and your house.

Comfort and Workability

Your living room should be a comfortable, workable space for you and your loved ones. Avoid a mish-mash of styles and influences by giving it a theme that appeals to you. It could be traditional country house, retro-chic, beach style, art deco or minimalist black and white. Think about your existing furniture and how this fits in or whether you will be purchasing new items. For example, an Asian inspired living room would favor browns and golds with sleek lines, so fussy paisley flower decorations would look terribly out of place. Use design secrets: a large mirror will create an illusion of space, floor length curtains will create the feeling of height and one expensive painting or piece of furniture will give the whole room a grander status.

Accessorize Carefully

If you prefer neutral colors use these as your base but add rich, warm tones such as shades of scarlet and browns as accents. Complement smooth neutral painted walls with a feature wall in a deeper color or detailed paper or add pleasing tactile items such as velvet curtains and plush cushions. Mixing fabrics and textures will give the room more interest but avoid the dreaded cushion mountain that happens when people fill every space with one! Whatever style you choose rationalize the cushion count, candles or objects d`art because a crowded room is less pleasing to the eye and not as relaxing.

A Personal Focal Point

In the past the television would often be the focal point of the living room but with advances in technology these can be much more discrete than before. A flat screen can be built into the wall or you can use clever storage ideas and hide these items behind attractive screening. If you have children choose design ideas that prove their durability against scuffs and stains. Sofas with washable covers are a fantastic idea when sticky little fingers are around! Patterned carpets hide dirt and stains more so than plain ones. Although wooden flooring is perhaps the easiest surface to clean be aware that it will be louder that carpet, particularly with children running across it or ladies` high heels. Incorporate a soft rug that will absorb some of the noise and give a warmer feeling than wood alone.

The latest living room design ideas are really about creating a happy and relaxing space for you to enjoy. Picture how you want it to look and feel and think about the colors, textures, the purpose it serves. Choose a quality Berkline sofa for absolute comfort and enjoy your lovely space. You deserve it!

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