Kitsching Up Your Kitchen

When I was young we weren’t often allowed into the front room at my grandma’s house as it was ‘for best.’ When visitors came around they were shown in – that and Christmas were the only occasions that the front room was ever used.

Today it’s not the front room that’s most likely to be used for entertaining but the kitchen itself. In the words of Jona Lewie:“You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties.” As that’s where the party’s at these days.

But most of us don’t live in houses that were designed for entertaining in the kitchen, in most modern houses they’re too small, designed, as they were with that watchword of the twentieth century in mind, “convenience.” Unfortunately convenience isn’t best suited to fine dining, houses designed from the 1940s onwards provided ever smaller kitchens as it was thought that our nutritional requirements would be served through prepackaged TV dinners and ultimately pills, if Dan Dare was anything to go by.

As the way we entertain and socialize has changed the demands we put on our houses has too. Most people want a kitchen in which friends can gather, sit, chat and mingle. Doing that in a galley kitchen is going to prove more than problematic!

If you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen, either to freshen it up or to cater to the growing demands you’re putting on it there are a few things that you should bear in mind.

  • Pay heed to the existing architecture,  if renovating you have to adapt to the restrictions placed upon you by the original build, changing it too much can result in major construction work.
  • Make the work feel natural, consider the layout and what you can do to enhance it given its limitations
  • Be imaginative. If you’ve not much space then perhaps white goods even including the freezer could be sited elsewhere, like a conservatory or garage in order to free up space where you need it most.

Keep a clear idea of what you want to achieve. Having a strong design ethic is a bonus to creativity, not a disadvantage. If you know exactly what you want you’ll think up imaginative ways to achieve your goals rather than making do with solutions which kind of almost meet up to your standards.

If you’re on a budget but don’t want your kitchen to look like it was, well, designed on a budget, there are tricks that you can pull to make your dining area look stunning.

Investing in furniture and goodies like glassware and crockery from outlets such as IKEA gives your kitchen a contemporary look. Adding finishes such as funky colours which aren’t normally available and putting unusual surfaces on them make your flat pack solution into something unique. Think about spraying with carpaint which comes in an almost infinite range of colours and putting coloured Perspex surfaces on things such as trolleys and tables.

The result will be a range of individual pieces which coordinate the way you want them to without following the manufacturers’ script.

A flooring which is becoming more and more popular is rubber. These days it’s available odour-free, it’s resilient, warm underfoot and comfortable, non slip and easily repaired should it become damaged.

Dan Cash is a feature writer and design addict. Currently researching  kitchen taps and various other kitchen accessories makes him want to do a little remodelling himself.


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