Kitchen Decor Spices Up Any Home

The kitchen is the heart of a home.

It is where meals are prepared, friends gather to chat and children finish their homework. But if you have a kitchen that you do not love, it can be a dreaded dismal place where very little gets accomplished. Good kitchen decor can cheer up even a small kitchen and make it more warm and inviting.

One of the best ways is to open your kitchen up is to literally tear down the wall between your kitchen and living room. Join these two gathering places into one open one. Most newer homes are being built with this concept of open space already incorporated.

Even if you only tear down a window-sized area to be able to view the kitchen from the living room, it will open it up and make it seem larger and more inviting. The kitchen no longer has to be completely hidden from the living room, as it seems to be in older homes.

 Kitchen Decor

But if you can’t tear down a wall, there are other options for your kitchen decor:

Glass cabinetry – use clear glass panes in your cabinetry. Show the depth of your kitchen. As a warning, though, you will not just be showing the depths of your kitchen, you will also be showing off any mess you may have previously hidden behind those opaque cabinet doors. Consider only installing glass panes in a few of your cabinets, allowing you to display your beautiful pottery and dinnerware, not your cereal boxes and messy spice rack. A few stained glass inserts can also really make your cabinets stand out.

Lighting – the right lighting can make all the difference, even in the kitchen. If you are using just one light fixture located in the center of your ceiling, it is definitely time to add to and change how you light your kitchen. One fairly easy thing to do is to install under-cabinet lighting. An affordable alternative to hard wiring these lights into the exisiting electrical box in the kitchen is to use the ‘tap’ lights currently available. If your cabinets do not reach to the ceiling, you can even install above-cabinet lighting,. For the above-cabinet lighting, you can use Christmas rope lights. Be sure to have good task lighting over important work areas like the kitchen sink and stove. Modern track lighting and pendant lights can add a nice touch.

Bright and warm colors – if you have a small kitchen and want your kitchen to seem larger, do not use dark colors on the walls. Instead, open it up by using warm whites and yellows or other colors that invite light. Also consider light-colored appliances and cabinetry. You can still add a splash of color here and there in your accessories. Use a bright red dishtowel; sink mat, fruit bowl, recipe box, etc. Hang up some brightly colored photos or drawings of Paris cafes or food, etc. You can still have fun with your kitchen decor. And, in fact, if you use subtler, lighter colors on your walls, your decorations will stand out much more.

These are only a few ideas to help you improve your decor and make the gathering spot of your home feel fresher and larger and even more inviting. Just look around your kitchen and think about what you could change to make it feel more welcoming.

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