Interior doors: how to replace them

For many people replacing a door sounds like a bravery they won’t ever dare to do… for many others that would be like a game.

It depends from points of views, but mostly from the personal formation and job career. It would be pretty weird that a technician regardless of his or her job field will call for help for replacing a door at home. On the opposite, it’s pretty normal if a regular person needs help for such a big job.

Replacing an existing inner door

If you need to replace an old door at home, it would certainly be either an external door or an inner door. But on both cases, it’s about replacing an existing door, unless you want to create a new room and you need a door where there wasn’t any before.

For inner existing doors, the job is pretty easy. At least, in theory. In fact, you have to use the existing odl door as a template to cut the new door, if you want to create your new door on your own.

Size and cut the side panels of the new door following the lines and shape of the old one. You can also think to use the same kind of wood and paint.

Finally, switch out the door in the old jamb and just insert the new one.

Technicians from Locksmith can help

Of course, we do know that not everybody would enjoy to do such a job. Fear to destroy something or to damage the new door can be a big deal for those persons who aren’t familiar with manual works.

If this is your case, just sit down and relax. Then, visit and find the nearest Locksmith office in town.

A Locksmith technician will promptly reach you to help fix the job. in many cases, this is the best way to manage a replacement door job.

Visit the page of the price list to know if your job is included in the special discounted services from Locksmith. In fact, there are a few important services that are discounted so to help you save money.

Locksmith is a very competitive company with hundreds offices all over the Country. You can find vehicle and car services, residential and garage services and commercial services. Among the most requested services there are car lock out, door replacement, house lock out and lost keys.

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