Indoor Fountains for a Stress-Free Home

Stress is everywhere! Noises, pollution, pressure, problems, and everything that make you worn out, irascible, and more like an undead is stress. All you want to do is to erase all this nightmares that kept bugging you the whole day. So you look for solutions to release those negative vibes that trickles down your nerves. Having an anodyne sound of the rushing water with some aromatic scents across your room can do the trick. You should have an indoor fountain.

Aside from the decorative benefits of indoor fountains, it can also help you relieve of stress. There is nothing like a serene falling of water to calm your nerves. With the added aromatherapy, the soothing aroma will keep you stress free and release whatever negativities you have in your system.

The flowing water of the indoor fountain breaks the bonds that hold the molecules of H2O together, thus, producing negative ions. These negative ions mix in the air we breathe and bond with the positive ions such as dust and allergens. It neutralizes them which only mean that it makes the air we breathe at home cleaner. Plus, when we live in an environment with more negative ion, serotonin increases in our bloodstream assuaging depression, relieving us from stress, boost our energy level during daytime, and improves mood.

When used with aromatic oil, it will produce a fragrance that can reduce our stress. Some aromatic oils help build up the production of serotonin in our brain creating the same effect with the negative ions. Other oil extract can give us mental clarity, alleviates headache, and improves concentration.

Another great effect indoor fountains can give is masking white noises. White noises are those sounds that was saturated and not because of too much loudness. With the cascades of the tranquil waters of the fountain, it deadens the white noise such as traffic and encourages a more halcyon environment and demotes stress.

When all this calming effects of an indoor fountain come together, there will be an improvement in your home. You would be likely to have a more improved study habits or even have that calm concentration on things you are working on. It can be very helpful especially when you are cramming because of deadlines. The soothing aroma from the oil extract plus the tranquil bubbling of the water in the fountain will surely encourage a peaceful sleep.

If you are now thinking to have one and thinking about the expense, there are indoor fountains that cost less yet bestow bliss of serenity with in your home. You must consider that having this sooth giver has more advantages and promotes not only a stress free surrounding but also a clean and healthy home.

Amy C is an interior decoration enthusiast who writes about home improvement, interior decoration and lifestyle. She is an indoor fountain and glass art designer. She is also devoted to finding unique and innovative ways to create beautiful fountains and vases. Amy invites you to browse her collection to decorate your home.

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