How to Decorate a Gothic Bedroom

Gothic architecture originally appeared in the late medieval era and was a reaction against classical style. Nowadays, the meaning of “gothic” ranges from music and fashion sense to interior design. Many people decorate their homes in a gothic style, with bedrooms being a popular choice for the mysterious, medieval design. The beauty of a gothic bedroom is that it will never outdate and can create an elegant, romantic ambience.

Gothic Colour Schemes

Many people believe gothic bedrooms must be dominated by black walls, flooring and accessories. In actual fact there are many shades of colour that can be used in a gothic bedroom without compromising the appearance.

Colours to bear in mind when decorating in a medieval style:

Purples – Deep purples including damsons, magentas and plum shades are a popular choice for bed linens in gothic bedrooms. Purple walls accompanied with black stencil designs can give wall coverings an edgy feel.


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Reds – Along with darker shades of red; crimson and stinging scarlet shades are great for cushions, rugs and other small soft furnishings as red symbolises romance and wealth.

Black – Not required in copious amounts but the inclusion of black is required. Black can be a great colour for your designer radiators, Anthracite finishes can create a gothic look.

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Gold – Dull gold and brasses are a necessity for establishing a medieval bedroom. Choosing a dull gold candelabra ceiling fixture, accompanied with brass oil lamps on bedside tables can provide the perfect finishing touch.

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Mahoganies and cherry red finishes can be used for any wooden furniture in the bedroom. These deep furniture colours really suit brass door handles.

Accessories for Decorating a Gothic Room

In order for the bedroom to look elegant, clutter should be kept to a minimum. Most accessories should be antiques but the bedroom should not have so many accessories that it resembles an antique shop. Buying a few, large accessories is

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more effective than hording many items that cause clutter. Accessories worth considering include:

Grandfather clock – This is a great antique and can be the focal point of a gothic bedroom.

Red roses – Having a fresh vase of red roses on your antique dressing table contributes to the romantic side of the gothic movement.

Medieval weapons – These can be hung on large walls so they don’t overpower the room. Weapons such as battle axes or swords are the pinnacle of medieval weaponry and can make powerful ornamental features. Only one piece of weaponry should be used to avoid clutter.

Red velvet curtains – pantomime-like curtains covered in black lace can finish off the room and have a very elegant aura.

Gothic bedrooms can be extremely luxurious if decorated appropriately. There are many ways to decorate gothic rooms to achieve different effects. Whilst bedrooms may focus on being romantic other rooms can symbolise power and wealth.

Written by Stephanie Staszko on behalf of Designo Radiators

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