How To Choose The Right Blinds For Your Room

When it comes to interior design, one area of the room that many people overlook is lighting, and windows. It’s always a shame to see a beautiful room marred by being too dark, or having curtains that impose on the rest of the room. This is especially true when the simple choice of some light, muted roller blinds could have been the perfect finishing touch.

There are many different designs of roller blinds, and a little thought put into choosing the right design can go a long way towards rounding off a room. The kind of blinds that you choose will depend on the purpose of the room, and the kind of decor that you prefer.

The Bathroom

In a bathroom, you will want some roller blinds that offer privacy, but that also allow some natural light in. You will

Bathroom Lighting Natural Window Light

probably want to choose a material that is not likely to warp when exposed to steam, and also one that is mould / mildew resistant. In most bathrooms, folding or slit blinds are a better choice than roller ones.  If your bathroom is organised in such a way that you use your window sill for storage, consider getting blinds that sit in front of the window recess, rather than inside it. This will mean that you lose less storage space and don’t have to worry about knocking things over when you draw the blinds.

The Kitchen

In the kitchen, you want blinds that sit in a window recess, and that do not block out too much light. Blinds are a great option for the kitchen because they do not take up as much space as curtains, and they are easy to clean.  Often, it’s possible to get blinds with a pattern that matches your kitchen’s wallpaper.  If you do this, just remember that patterns show dirt quickly, so you may find that your blinds become rather high-maintenance!


For bedrooms, thick, heavy roller blinds are a good idea. One of the biggest attractions of roller blinds is that they are more effective than curtains at blocking out light. This makes them ideal for rooms where darkness is required at certain times. On a morning, you can open up the blinds and let the sunlight in, making the room nice and airy. Generally, for a bedroom, sedate colours and subtle patterns are recommended. The idea is to create an environment that is relaxing and conducive to sleep.

For a child’s bedroom, it’s worth paying a lot of attention to safety. Beaded cords, and cords that hang down very low, could be dangerous to young children – they may get themselves tangled up in the cords, or attempt to eat the beads! If you can, shorten the cords so that they’re well out of the reach of children, or avoid using blinds in a child’s room.


You might decide that you do not want roller blinds in your living room. Certainly, the living room is one area where warm, inviting curtains are desirable, but for most other rooms, including spare rooms and studies, roller blinds are a great addition to the decor.


This article was written by Amy Fowler on behalf of Creatively Different Blinds. Amy enjoys writing on many topics including home improvement.

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