Vertical Blinds


Light is a key component to a room as it can effect and change the appearance of it, so a centre piece to any room is the window. Therefore, it should look as good as the rest of the room, blinds can do just this.

Blinds are very common in both traditional and modern homes and come in a range of colors and styles designed for all types of windows whether they be large, small or sliding glass doors.

Most commonly used for sliding glass doors or tall windows, the vertical blind is highly beneficial. They are fairly inexpensive and come in a wide range of styles and colors to fit with any theme.

They are easily managed and cared for because they are made up of vinyl vanes. They are fitted using an easy to attach bracket so installation is quick and simple, the vinyl vanes can also be cut to fit the size of a window perfectly.

However, the true benefit of vertical blinds is that they allow superior light control.

Unlike other blinds, the vertical blind opens horizontally as oppose to opening vertically. When fully open they let in a lot of light which is great for making a room feel light and airy. When the blind is closed it blocks out light which can make a room feel cosy at night. They also tilt to adjust the amount of light you desire in a room.

The vertical blind is a great addition to a large or small room!

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