Transformer Chair for the Modern Room Decor

If you like modern furniture, then this may be the ultimate in modern design and furniture practicality.

Is it a chair? Perhaps a chaise lounge? No wait, it’s a small sofa!

The Transformer chair is one of the more unique pieces of furniture you could select for your modern family room, living room or sitting room.

Fold it into a comfy sitting chair when you want to curl up and read a book.

Or, make it into a nice love seat for two.

Utilitarian in function and bold in lines and form, this chair is sure to draw attention and comments from your house guests.

Designed by: Roel Verhagen Kaptein

Source: YankoDesign

The unique transformer chair is an ultra modern furniture design that can be transformed into a chair or chaise lounge as needed to suit your mood.

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