LoJo Ball For A Unique Modern Look

Stylish and super comfortable Lojo Ball chairs.

The LoJo Ball is a newly designed piece that takes the bean bag to a whole new level. It has a unique style and is a must have for all modern homes!

The LoJo Ball acts as a decorative piece when not in use and can, in addition, be used as a stool or foot rest but can also be unzipped to become a stylish, comfortable chair, a fantastic alternative to the average chair.

It is made of beans to comfort your bottom and has a simple inflatable piece to comfort your lower back. It is easy to inflate and comes equipped with a hand pump as part of the package. Ideal for watching T.V. Or reading a book.

Great for any room including the living room, family room, kids room or sitting room. It comes in a variety of styles and colors which means it fits in with virtually any decorative theme imaginable within a modern home.

Plus, the LoJo Ball is continuously developing and more and more styles and colors are becoming available giving you more choice! And if that isn’t good enough, they are said to be releasing a new outdoor design so not only will it catch the eye of your house guests but also the eye of onlookers too!!

Sure to be a must have in any home. So why not set the trend?

Source: LoJoBall

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