Hanging Bubble Chair For Modern Home Décor

Despite the fact this chair was designed over forty years ago,  the bubble chair has now become highly popular in modern homes and within celebrity homes. It is said to symbolise the 1960’s and so gives a vintage image a fresh modern look.

Probably given its name for sharing its appearance with a half cut bubble, this contemporary piece is no ordinary chair, it is, in fact, a very unique and unusual appearing chair because, unlike normal chairs that use chair legs to stand on, this hangs from the ceiling, kind of like a swing, allowing it to hover above the ground. Therefore, giving a sense of floating when sitting in it.

It is built up of an acrylic or steel frame and usually comes with leather fabric cushions for comfort, (great for getting cosy in!) It can be hung virtually anywhere within the home and will give a unique look to any room within a modern home, whether it be the living room, family room or kids room.

A highly individualist piece of furniture that is sure to catch the attention of your house guests.

Originally designed by: Eero Arnio

Source: Sawitfirst

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