French Country Furniture

Entering a French country home, the resulting decor is rustic and welcoming. This style will fit well in both traditional and more modern homes, or in specific rooms you want to make unique.

The look of French country furniture is inviting and fuss-free. Its charm relies on the rustic feel of the furniture and accessories and the casual combination of colors. French country furniture can work for almost anyone, on any kind of budget.

Colors that decorate French country furniture reside in all parts of the color wheel. Yellow and gold, fiery red and rust, grass green and dark green, as well as cobalt blue and turquoise tones are hence made useful in enhancing French country furniture.

Rustic, yet eloquent, the interior of this French country castle reveals the rustic, charming furniture, rough textures and warm tones characteristic of the French country style.

Rusted furniture, lighting furnishings, and wood furniture give warm color and wonderful lines that define French country furniture. An important element found in these pieces is the use of natural materials.

Rough painted plaster walls, beamed ceilings and walls, intricate carved wood details, and woven chair seats give texture and simplicity to the look. Stone floors are as well covered with wool or cotton rugs.

A French country home is never complete without a stone fireplace. French country furniture fits into this style very well basically because people like to mix-and-match themes rather than keep the original style.

Bastide is the French word for a Provence country home. Pictured is a home in a Vineyard "Bastide", Rousillon, France.French country furniture reflects the practical working provincial lifestyle. French furniture was used for a particular purpose, thus these furnishings are made of the elements at hand, like those of pine and stone, with adornments kept to a minimum. French country furniture nowadays pays homage to these roots through its simple lines, limited decors, and natural-colored paint.

The centerpiece of French country furniture is the table. French country dining table consists of seats that accommodate six to twelve persons. French country tables are made of simple design, usually by a thick wooden plank atop pine legs and unadorned platforms. Chairs are also wood with caned seats, sometimes placed with soft cushions.

Benches are a good alternative to chairs. French country furniture includes a carved wooden cabinet for porcelain, silverware and linens. Traditional French country furniture however, did not have any cabinets or cupboards, such that a wooden cart may be a good alternative for drawers, as it is also useful for bringing food to the table.

French country furniture in the bedroom also dwells heavily on the basics. A four-poster bed is recommended and so is a large armoire to be used as a closet. Small end tables can also be added.

In modern houses, the armoire can work as an entertainment center or even a fold-away computer station. Another interesting value of French country furniture is in a hall outside the bedroom, as it is filled with colorful towels and linens.

Upholstery is often sparse with French country than with other furniture styles but chairs and sofas with wood frames and legs will feature upholstery on arms, seats, and seat backs. Fabrics colors bring to mind the sun, the sea, and open fields of flowers typical in the landscapes of Southern France. Color palettes typically include cool tones like light green, azure blue lavender, as well as warm colors such as goldenrod or deep rust.

Stonework, warm, natural colors and rustic charm give French country furniture and decor the warmth and charm that so many people desire in their own homes.Subtle design patterns add interest to French country furniture. Elements which are commonly used are wrought-iron door and drawer hardware, contoured chair backs and cabinet lines, and raised motifs, depicting grains such as wheat, so as flowers, and fruit.

Most French country furniture is polished a natural color, such as honey brown or light natural pine. Other tainted pieces, particularly in light green hues and white are also common. You may add color to your furniture pieces by placing wall decors like paintings, but keep them to country sceneries and light panoramic views.

French country furniture can be found in antique stores, both in the United States as well as in Europe, at auctions and estate sales, and other furniture galleries. Pre-owned French country pieces are also frequently offered on websites for auction.

Modern French country furniture can be found from a variety of furniture makers. Nowadays, many furniture shops showcase a reproduction French country furniture line, consisting of armories, kitchen and dining tables, caned chairs, and romantic beds. New pieces may lack the charm of antique pieces, but the quality remains the same and are often less expensive.

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