Arts and Crafts Furniture

If you are living in a home surrounded by gardens and greens, arts and crafts furniture could match your home architecture and lifestyle.

Arts and crafts furniture offers you a cozy and peaceful feeling especially when you are living in the countryside.

This kind of furniture design also helps a lot when you are located in the city; the atmosphere it provides is relaxing after a busy day, and makes you think about childhood dreams and feel very much at home.

Wooden laid-back lawn chars, outdoor benches, and cushioned divans guarded by pale shell lampshades are pieces commonly regarded as arts and crafts furniture. These pieces can usually be found in houses of wood, stone, or stucco siding, low-pitched roofing, and wide eaves with triangular brackets.

Arts and crafts architecture is very distinctive; roof rafters are often exposed and porches are made up of round or thick square columns. The house’s exterior chimney made with stone and has numerous windows. The ceilings are beamed and the entire structure is filled up with built-in cabinets, shelves, and cupboards.

Arts and crafts furniture pieces are often products of livelihood and cottage industries. For those who opt for a natural scenic like those of American country style homes, arts and crafts furniture suits the best. These pieces are mostly of natural materials and are handmade.

Unlike other antiques, arts and crafts furniture pieces have simple forms and little ornamentation, thus, it is not often that you can find elaborate carvings and patterns on them. Some pieces consist of copper and pewter, and are often with a hammered finish.

Other decorations found in arts and crafts furniture are passages from the Bible and other literature, stylized flowers, Celtic motifs, and inverted hearts.

Most of the influences found in arts and crafts furniture are medieval themes, as the Gothic style was revived during the movement, given that the movement’s objective was to bring man back to his artistic senses. Asian designs like Japanese art have also been incorporated in arts and crafts furniture as well. Oak is the most popular wood used in arts and crafts furniture, and cushions are made up of leather covers.

Wood grain gives an essential aesthetic function in arts and crafts furniture. The natural flame markings have a more pleasing effect, as if pointing to one upward direction. Contrasting types of wood may look most effective when laid in a good design.

To further highlight the presence of arts and crafts furniture, it is recommended to use parquet or oak boards for the floors. The flooring gives that rustic feel to the entire space. Floors are kept polished or stained to a dark finish.

You may also match the floors with natural color shades, such as cream, mustard yellow, terracotta, olive green, deep crimson and deep blue. The walls on the other hand offer a more subtle and laid back mood for the furniture pieces. The walls then may be composed of wood panels painted in hues of dull green or blue.

Arts and crafts furniture are situated best on built-in furnishings in the house, among of which being the fireplace. In original arts and crafts house, wooden mantelpieces are placed on top of the fireplace carrying an engraved message which can be a personal family motto or passages from literature.

Other materials that make arts and crafts furniture are tiles in shades of cobalt blue, green, turquoise, and red. Stained glass is popular because of its medieval touch. The windows meanwhile must have curtains and brass or wooden curtain poles. The curtains must not have frills or flounces.

You can also add wall decors and other decorative pieces to make your arts and crafts furniture more felt. Wall paintings of still art and nature give a homey feeling to your space, and so do paintings of people at work. Try canvassing at art galleries for these kinds of paintings. Meanwhile, you can dress your end table by placing wooden ashtrays or native figurines made of stone or old brass.

Arts and crafts furniture is available in furniture galleries. If you want your furniture customized, you can, have your pieces pre-ordered to add a personal touch. You may also try shopping at yard sales because sometimes these furniture pieces are mistaken to be already out of style.

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