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The color palette is one of the most important design elements in any room decor.

Whether you are redecorating your teen bedroom or planning a new kitchen design, Rafter Tales has plenty of great ideas for your home decor project!

Your home is your world and one of the most important ways of expressing your personality and how your lifestyle is defined, so making your home decor unique and special is a big endeavor. You want to spend time planning and thinking ahead before diving in.

So, we thought we’d pull together some of the best ideas our experts and readers have provided on interior decorating and present our top ideas to help you get started on your next home decorating effort.

If you are trying for a modern decor theme, try following these basic principles:

  • Modern decor means less is more. By reducing clutter and overly decorative aesthetics the way, say a room with rich Victorian furniture and decor would, modern decor is exemplified by clean lines, geometric patterns and neutral colors.
  • By reducing decorative elements and rich colors, design themes inspired by the Modern and Art Nouveau movements place emphasis and focus on artwork and designer accessories specifically selected by the homeowner. These elements typically represent your interests and highlight collector items you own.
  • Modern decor shifts the emphasis from decoration and high ornamentation towards function, form, and accessibility. A modern kitchen design, for example should emphasize the work space and utility a gourmet chef needs when cooking!

Traditional and old world decor features rich color and highly ornamental decorative elements.If you prefer a more traditional or old world home decor, consider these ideas:

  • Think exotic, think highly decorative, think old world Europe. If you like rich, dark colors, gold brocade and embroidered fabrics, then traditional decor should be a perfect choice.
  • Pick a specific theme for each room; Old World Tuscany in the living room perhaps, antique French Country Furniture in the bedroom or an English traditional décor theme for your Great Room Design.
  • Select several authentic antique pieces as focal points, augmenting your traditional decor with designer reproduction pieces to keep your budget under control. The antique pieces will make great conversation pieces and bring a truly authentic feeling to your home’s overall interior design.

For kitchen design ideas, here are a few tips:

  • Don’t overlook lighting in your kitchen design; it is an important element and should include adequate ambient light sources, task lighting for workspaces and accent lighting to highlight specific design elements.
  • Remember to plan first for any new kitchen appliances you may need, since appliances will represent your largest kitchen investment and adds functional value.
  • Once you have budgeted for the appliances that meet your kitchen needs and then plan for the items you might want to splurge on, like those granite countertops or hardwood cabinetry.
  • Don’t worry; if budget constraints dictate using ceramic tiles and laminate cabinets, you’ll still be able to make your new kitchen design theme sparkle and pop by picking a theme that works around these design elements.

When decorating your bedroom, these ideas may be good thought starters:

Comfortable seating and bedroom furniture will make your bedroom decor more functional and enjoyable!

  • Use window treatments, new bedding and bed linens to build your bedroom decor around; these are items that need periodic replacing anyway, so they can be a great place to start when updating your bedrooms.
  • Nothing needs a cohesive theme more than the bedroom. You can do a fun kid’s room theme or go modern in your master bedroom. Anything that tickles your fancy and pulls the bedroom theme together can work!
  • Remember to provide comfortable seating and bedroom furniture, a full length wall mirror and plenty of functional storage to make your bedroom both comfortable and functional. You will get far more enjoyment and use from your bedroom design if you do these things.

If your bathrooms need updating, you’ll want to consider a few basics:

  • Updating bathrooms can be one of the best investments to increasing your home’s value and functional usefulness.
  • Maximize your bathroom’s available space and plan wisely to ensure plenty of cabinets and vanities to provide adequate storage space.
    Upgrading faucets and other bathroom plumbing fixtures will give you many years of use; this is one area you definitely don’t want to skimp on budget when updating bathrooms.
  • If you don’t use a bathtub very often, consider changing it to a shower-only design, which can be a great way to more effectively use limited space in smaller bathrooms.
  • On the other hand, if you enjoy a nice hot bath, consider splurging with a jet tub, especially in your master bath.

We hope you will find these ideas useful in your home interior decorating. You can learn about many other great ideas in the articles we have linked here as a way to jump off and further explore any home decor ideas your heart desires!

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