Help! My Living Room is Caught in a Time Warp

Isn’t it amazing how our homes can slowly get out of date without us even realizing it? This very thought crossed my mind a couple of months back when it suddenly dawned on me that my living room had been caught in a time warp.

It wasn’t that anything was really that bad. It is just that the carpet had a design that might once have been described as groovy and the curtains wouldn’t have looked out of place on an episode of Jason King. Add to that a big, chunky TV and it was clear to me that a good make over was needed.

I think that this slip into an old fashioned living room came about because it is a place I traditionally didn’t spend much time in it. I seemed to have let it gradually get way behind the times without even noticing. Now what could I do to sort it out? I  must confess that I considered calling one of those TV decorating shows but couldn’t bear the thought of my house being ridiculed by people who get all excited over a couple of fluffy cushions.

In the end there was nothing for it except a shopping trip. If there is one thing I hate more than going shopping it is going shopping for something other than food, so I decided to do it online. This turned out to be a startlingly good idea and in no time I had found a lot of things which could be used to update my home to the 21st century.

Let the Changes Begin

I got some wooden flooring which instantly transformed the room into a sleeker and more modern place. Well, I say instantly but it took me a whole day to work out that someone who knows their way around a hammer and measuring tape would need to be called in to do it for me. The saddest part of all is that a friend who is even more behind the times than I was claimed that the old carpet would bring his own living room more up to date if I gave it to him.

The curtains were next to go, and a simple, classy look was soon obtained with a bright and subtle set of curtains which didn’t cost me much at all. Inspired by this I then went one further and got the walls painted to match.

After all that was taken care of, probably the best purchase I made was a stunning TV mirror which now sits in pride of place on my wall and looks miles better than the old model which took up a big corner of the room. I don’t how they do it but it turns from a TV mirror into a mirror TV when it is switched off, or maybe it is the other way around.  Either way, it is a classy mirror when you aren’t watching it as a telly.

I have told a few similarly outdated friends that they should move onto wooden flooring, modern window coverings and TV mirror systems as well as it is easy to do and makes you want to spent more time in the living room too.  However, I fear that some of them just aren’t as modern and hip as I am.

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