Giving Your Bedroom a Classic Feel

When it comes to deciding on a bedroom design and aesthetic, most people spend a lot of time trying to find the right balance between affordability and personality. However, most people don’t typically consider the mid-century modern look for their bedroom. It is usually saved for a living room or home office. Shows like Mad Men have brought popularity back to this golden era, and fortunately the look is easy to achieve without going overboard.

Getting inspiration is easier than ever. There are thousands of online stores and art collectors with ideas for your “sleeping” space and how it should be utilized. A great way to keep all your design ideas together is to make a mock bedroom. Begin by creating a collage or diagram on a piece of matte board. It doesn’t have to be fancy or over the top, just something to keep in your car while shopping for the perfect piece to place in your dwelling. Think of it as a visual guide that will help keep you focused.

Once you have in your head how you want to design your sleep nest, clear out any unnecessary clutter from the space. The key to a great mod design is to keep things simple, neat, and clean. This keeps in line with the other aspect of century modern design– highlighting those decorative collectibles you spent so many Saturdays searching for.

Next step is to re-train your brain. Stay away from thoughts of square or rectangular lines. The mid century was all about curves, shape, and definition. Imagine the ultimate pin-up girl Marilyn Monroe standing next to you handing out design tips. Also remember that the mid-century was all about muted tones, textures, and colors. Picking out paint for your bedroom should be an easy process. When at the paint store make sure you are looking at the nudes, crèmes, and white swatches and little else. Again, part of the century mod look is highlighting art and collectibles, so keep the walls muted and pale.

When it comes to furniture selection keep in mind the clean yet shapely lines mentioned above. In the mid-century, Danish designed inspired teak was the most popular furniture choice during the 50s and 60s. The wood is warm without being too dark and the curvaceous nature is very appealing to the eye. Keeping muted walls allows the teak to pop the moment you walk into the room.

So far the emphasis has been on a clean and muted aesthetic, but this is just paving the way for the pops of color you’re about to give your mid century bedroom. Graphic prints and colorful rugs were all the rage then, and still are today. Try picking out a nature inspired print and upholstering a curvy arm chair or even a fabric headboard. When deciding on bedding, remember to keep the tones neutral and playing up the color with pillows and wall hangings. Finally, showcasing your vintage collectables and trinkets are the finishing touch. Be sure to purchase shelving or bookcases that have that warm woody feel that will highlight those figurines, photo frames and the like.

Once you’ve finished your mid century bedroom masterpiece, feel free to kick back and enjoy a nice strong martini to reward yourself for all your hard work.

Timothy Lemke is a freelance writer. To read more of his work, visit the website of API/AMS, a Portland, Oregon machine shop.

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