Decorating a Girl’s Bedroom

Decorating a girl’s bedroom is great fun. A place to daydream, play games of imagination, study, play with dolls, sleep, put on some makeup and dream of a date with Prince Charming, a girl’s room is a special place that should be all hers.

Every little girl loves colors; to make her room a place she will love to spend time, pick out fabrics with floral patterns, cute animals, lady bugs, or maybe butterflies to create a kids room that delights the imagination.

You can make your own stencils on walls to add a colorful accent, and choose paint colors to match the fabrics or wallpaper. Add matching window treatments to give your girl’s bedroom a unique touch.

Girls, whether in grade school, pre teen or teenagers becoming young women, tend to be more creative than boys and often want to have a big say in their room’s décor, color palette and accessories. Our Girls Bedroom Decorating Guide offers you a wealth of ideas and tips to decorate any girl’s bedroom!

Its fun to get creative when decorating your girls room. Whether she is a toddler, grade school age or pre teen, we have plenty of great girls room decorating tips for you!

Girls’ Bedroom Decorating: Where Do I Start?

A good way to begin is to have your daughter make a list of her favorite colors, toys, animated characters, etc. that she wants to include in her room’s theme. Follow these basic tips to get started on your girl’s bedroom decorating project:

  • Paint her room using her favorite colors and use the palette for accents, accessories, bed linens or window treatments.
  • Use her favorite dolls, stuffed animals and toys.
  • Every girl loves a mirror over her dresser. You can attach it to the dresser or on the wall.
  • Change the pulls on her dresser to give it a new look. Art posters or prints are another great way to give her room a new look.
  • Try adding a chest of drawers painted brightly. A bulletin board to put up magazine cutouts, hand-made greeting cards and her own artwork will give her a place to show off her own creativity.
  • New bed linens and a duvet or bedspread that matches the theme of the room will set the tone and color palette for your girl’s room.
  • Girl’s tastes change pretty quick, so look at cheap options in terms of area rugs, wall art, framed art prints and posters, which can be changed later without huge expense.
  • Look for pillows and throws, maybe a wall tapestry and inexpensive window treatments and area rugs to help complete your girl’s room decor.
  • Remember to add plenty of storage space with a dressing table, full-length mirror and shelving so she can organize and display jewelry, hairpins, toys, dolls, and other accessories.

Girls’ Bedroom Wall Decorations

For our five-year-old daughter, we had a hand painted a mural done by an artist friend in her bedroom. She picked the theme and colors and we went with something that can easily be changed later as she grows out of the theme.

Another fun idea for decorating your child’s bedroom walls is to use classroom decorations, such as a pocket chart or borders and accents that teachers commonly use. These classroom decoratives are typically bright and colorful and you’ll get the added benefit of having something educational too!

If you are artistic enough, try penciling your own design on wall. You can find a painter fairly inexpensively if you don’t trust your own talent or try using a wallpaper mural instead.

Girls’ Bedroom Lighting and Organization

Add imagination and enchantment to your little girl’s bedroom with designer lighting. A small decorative table or floor lamp can add light and color without great expense. She will feel wonder and joy gazing into the dazzling light.

Remember to incorporate plenty of storage for toys when she’s young and all the accessories, cosmetics, clothing and other items she’ll acquire as she gets older.

Closet organizer systems can be installed by the average home owner with do-it-yourself options from home improvement retailers like Home Depot or Lowes. You can also buy inexpensive items like hanging shoe and sweater racks to help keep your girl’s stuff organized.

Bookshelves are an important part of your child’s room, for all those books and toys. Plastic bins, wicker baskets or cardboard boxes with decorative artwork are a great way to organize her dolls, toys and accessories on the shelves.

Be sure you anchor bookshelves securely to the wall so a child trying to climb them won’t get hurt by a falling bookcase tumbling over on top of her!

With a little imagination and discovering your girl’s tastes, you can make her bedroom a place she will love to spend hours reading, playing and hanging out with friends without spending a fortune every couple of years to change it as her tastes and needs change.

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