Game Room Decorating Ideas

If the game room, basement or other spare room in your house has become overcrowded or unused, maybe its time for a game room makeover! Any room with enough space will do. Open light basements are a great space to convert into a game room, although many modern home floor plans will have a space specifically intended to be used as a game room.

A good game room starts with a decor theme. Favorites often include sports, music or billiards. Pick something you really like to do or create your game room theme around a collection. If you have sports memorabilia, posters, pennants, etc. this can make a great way to establish your theme.

Bright colors and patterns can be as fun as you want in the game room. There really are no rules and you really can get as eclectic as you want in this room. Paint a mural of your favorite sports park on the wall. Pick wallpaper borders with patterns that match your theme. Or, use wall art and posters to add color and interest to the room.

A billiards table, overhead lighting, game table and wet bar make this a game room where the whole family will love to spend time playing games together.

Game Room Focal Point

Choosing a primary focal point for your game room design is a next good step. You can then build other entertainment and game centers around this focal point. Often, a primary attraction like a pool table, wet bar or entertainment system can make for a great focal point.

Billiards tables are a great game room attraction that kids and adults will enjoy playing together. Be sure to place your pool table so that you have adequate space around all sides.

You can buy a table in many sizes, so if your room is not big enough for a regulation billiards table, you may be better off getting a smaller one that fits the space properly. Don’t forget a wall mounted rack to keep pool sticks, chalk, and other billiards accessories organized and accessible.

Other popular focal points may include foosball, air hockey or shuffle board. These are all great alternatives to billiards that can make your game room unique and fun for kids and adults alike!

Game Room Lighting and Furnishings

Lighting is an important element in your gameroom design. Ceiling light fixtures and recessed lighting will give you adequate ambient light levels, especially if your game room is in the basement, where natural light may be limited.

Specialized lighting fixtures for billiards will add style to your theme and make playing pool more enjoyable. Augment overhead lighting with floor and table lamps. Use up lighting, rope lights or other accent lighting to high light special features or add colored lights to set a specific mood.

Comfortable furnishings are a key to making your room useable and a place everyone will want to hang out. Modular sofas are one way to add comfortable seating and have the added advantage that they can be reconfigured as needed. Real or simulated leather sofas and chairs are a good option or you can pick fabrics that match your room’s colors and decor theme.

No game room is complete without a good game table for playing board games and card games! If space is limited, pick a folding model that can be stored when not in use. This will add versatility to your game room space.

A bar is another good addition to your game room decor. Many dry bar models are available in styles from fun bamboo for a Hawaiian or tropical themed game room to something more colorful. Pick a bar that goes well with your decor.

For a more deluxe game room, you may want to add plumbing for a wet bar, adding a small refrigerator under the counter to keep cold refreshments handy. If your game room is in a remote place of the house, this is especially important so that you aren’t making trips to the kitchen every time your guests want beer, soft drinks and snacks!

Game Room Centers and Activities

A home entertainment system with flat screen television can also make a great addition to any game room. Nintendo Wii has been a great addition to the game room in our house and is the first gaming system we’ve owned that all members of the household enjoy playing together.

Other centers will include your game table, perhaps an area just for the kids to play and maybe a karaoke machine? Musical instruments like a keyboard, drum set or piano can also make a good entertainment center.

Pinball is a classic game room element. Kids will love to play a real pinball machine at home.Classic arcade games, jukeboxes, pinball machines and commercial video game units also make great additions to any game room. Be aware however that maintaining these games can be costly; many a game room will have an old pinball machine or arcade game sitting in the corner, broken and unused.

Collector accessory items like an old bumble gum dispenser, Tiffany-style floor lamp, antique gas pump, signs from old restaurants and stores will add interest and flavor to your game room. Choosing and collecting these accessories is something you can do over time, adding pieces that fit in with the rest of your game room decor and theme.

Board games and puzzles are great to have available in your game room for those rainy days when outdoor activities are unavailable. Keep plenty of board games on hand for variety, adding more over time to keep things fresh and interesting for kids and adults.

Doing a makeover or converting an unused room in your home to a game room will make your home more fun for entertaining family and guests. It’s also a great project the entire family will want to participate in completing!

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