Five Tips for Frugal Decorating

In our current economy, it’s difficult to prioritize home decor as a budget line item. Here are five easy, low-cost options you can use immediately to help decorate your home.

Give It A Makeover!

Look around the different living spaces in your home and take note of furniture or wall art that you’ve grown so accustomed to that you no longer see it. A coat of paint on a piece of furniture or a picture frame can breathe new life into a room. Take your made-over pieces and try them in different places around your home, providing a simple and low-cost change in décor.

Go Hunting

If a makeover isn’t right for what you already own, try your local thrift stores for inexpensive pieces of furniture, art or silk flowers. Go early for the best selection, and travel to stores in different parts of town for more variety. Often you’ll find items that can be repurposed for your needs.

Add Texture

Large expanses of blank walls may seem intimidating, but they’re also ready for your personal touch. Take everything off the walls in a room you’d like to redecorate and spend time looking around the emptiness. What do you want to look at when you’re in that room? What décor do you want to be surrounded with?

Big pieces, like an interesting family quilt, can occupy a larger space and create warmth. Go through your wall art and photographs to create personal collections that follow a common theme. If you love a certain place, like the ocean, consider making a collage of your own photographs about the subject, hunt for wall art in thrift stores, or use three-dimensional objects like shells to add texture.

Let the Outside In

Incorporating plants and flowers helps bring fresh life to your home. Smaller plants are inexpensive and can be kept in smaller containers, like tea cups or delicate bowls instead of plain terracotta pots. Larger containers, such as coffee cans, can be cleaned and painted to hold larger plants.

Another option is to make flowers a regular part of your budget. Set aside a few dollars each time you shop to buy a small floral arrangement, then hang them upside down in a doorway to dry them for longer use. Plant perennials in large containers outside your home and when they bloom, cut the flowers for a fresh indoor floral arrangement.

If you don’t have a “green thumb,” silk plants and flowers are a great option. Thrift stores often have a wide variety at great prices. Craft stores are also a good resource, but use a coupon to cut costs. Try long sprigs of eucalyptus in a tall vase for a lovely scent in any room!

Decorate With the Season

If you like a lot of change throughout the year, try decorating your home with seasonal themes. Tea lights, and their holders, are inexpensive and come in a variety of colors for display as fall fades into winter. Focus on the colors of fall and spring, the beauty of snowflakes in winter, and fun accents that reflect the warmth of the summer sun. Holidays also offer a natural rhythm to decorating, providing fun spider webs in October and bunnies around Easter.

Store these seasonal decorations in totes clearly marked for easy access. As the seasons transition, bring out the appropriate decorative pieces for a fresh look. The care in the changes you make throughout the year will help your home feel warm and inviting!


Kelly Wilson is a busy mom, freelance writer and author of Live Cheap and Free! Strategies to Thrive in Tough Economic Times. You can read more about her and how to save money at

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