Fire Pits, Planters, Hanging Baskets, & More For Decorating Your Patio

Is there anything more entrancing than staring into a fire? Most of us have distinct memories of sitting around a campfire or bonfire in the summertime, roasting marshmallows and swapping stories. Gathering around a fire has been a social event going back thousands of years, and for good reason – there’s something about a fire that fascinates us.

Now you can have that same experience conveniently in your backyard or on your patio.

Fire pits provide a simple and safe way to have a fire, with style options to match any design layout that includes hanging baskets, planters, flower boxes, and more. Any modern outdoor patio can benefit from incorporating these design elements, creating a unique environment for entertaining and relaxing.

This is a growing trend for patios and backyards used for outdoor entertainment, and a fire pit allows you to add natural light with a unique experience of relaxing next to a fire.

Why Fire Pits Are Catching On

Fire pits provide a stylish, easy-to-use solution for outdoor activities around the fireplace. The variety of materials and design features allows your fire pit to integrate seamlessly into your existing patio or outdoor design plan.

There are roughly three styles of pits to choose from, with each carrying additional customization options:

  •  Portable Pits
  •  Dug Pits
  •  Fixed Pits

Portable fire pits are made of metal or ceramic and are light enough to move between different areas. These are the most flexible pits, as they can be used, cleaned, and transported very easily.

Dug pits are – as the name implies – dug into the ground and surrounded with stonework or metallic enclosures. These are usually placed in a backyard.

Fixed pits are permanent; they are typically larger than portable pits and used for cookouts and entertaining. They also require significant time and money to construct.

Hanging Baskets, Planters, & Other Accessories to Enhance a Design

As part of an overall patio design or outdoor layout, fire pits blend perfectly with hanging baskets and other planters with similar designs, such as flower boxes and deck planters. Utilizing these other décor items to complement your fire pit gives your backyard a glow and atmosphere that is perfect for quiet nights with the family or get-togethers with groups of friends.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve gathered around a fire, you may have forgotten how relaxing it can be. With a portable fire pit as the centerpiece of your outdoor design layout, you can quickly and easily recapture that feeling and share the experience with others. This season, transform your patio or backyard with hanging baskets, fire pits, planters, and much more.

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