Easy Updates For Your Living Room

If your living room seems uninviting or dull, then you definitely want to perk the space up. Your room should reflect your style and not revolve around your TV and direct sat tv. There are small ways to completely change up how your living room looks and feels without spending a fortune.

Use one or a few of these tips and tricks to create the inviting and stylish living room that you have always wanted.

  • Create more space on side tables and floors by replacing table and floor lamps with hanging pendant lights. This is an almost effortless trick that gives your space and updated and modern feel while freeing up some space.
  • Focus on your book shelf or shelving displays. Are they cluttered? Is there any theme? If they are cluttered and lack a theme, then you need to create an intentional display on your shelves. When you choose coordinating items and color palettes, you will achieve an instantly chic look. You can also use books as an accessory to add height to shorter items and give the shelf even more charm.
  • Update your pillows with a punch of color in mix and match prints. This tip is super easy and super fun. Try to find a variety of fabric types and different prints in similar colors. Arrange pillows with other sizes and prints as opposed to pairing them up.
  • Fill your empty walls with a big art piece or a gallery. When you do this you will create a focal wall, and you fill up that blank space easily. Large artwork is a quicker fix than a gallery, but with a gallery you can add more interest when you arrange the frames asymmetrically.
  • Use texture to add more interest to the room. Find updated textured wallpaper or brightly colored grass cloth to add to a focal wall or throughout the space.
  • Customize your furniture and give it new life. You can use a classic old chair and totally change it by adding a new current fabric. A vintage chair that has a modern update will be a get piece in a living room. You can also customize your furniture by using nail head trim along the edge for a subtle but obvious update.
  • Use a divider to define your space. If your entryway opens right into your living room, then using a modern divider to separate the entryway and the living space will create an entirely different look. This will also make your living room seem cozier.

With some planning and a minimum amount of money, you can easily update your living room to reflect your style.

Author bio:  P. Downing is an interiors specialist and works with many people to redesign their spaces.

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