Decorating Your Home Office

Home office – when you hear those words what do you think of? Most people think of a comfortable yet efficient place to get work done, such as bills, work for your job or school work.  It is a place to accomplish your business related and personal goals. A home office should portray a person’s style. If your office doesn’t reflect your tastes, it can be hard to get your brain juices flowing. That is why decorating your office accordingly is so important!

Let us begin with the obvious: The Theme.  The theme you choose for your office depends on a few things:

1.What is the main use of the office, and who are the users?

The home office can have different uses. Some use their office for business, while some prefer to utilize the office as a creative space. Whatever the reason for the office, make sure it’s purpose is clear. Envision yourself in your ideal work environment and consider who else will be using this room and why.  Is the office meant solely for at home work, or can it be used as a study for you or your children?  If the office is the location in the house with the computer, more than just one person will need to use the area.  Not only could the office be used for online learning, your children may want to play games – you will need to decide if this is conducive for your office environment.

2. Space.

How big or little is the designated room for your office? Now picture it with any furniture, books, computers, and décor you plan on putting in it. Still seem the right size? A giant desk may look more appealing, but a smaller corner desk could be just as efficient. Remember; your office should be a pleasant place. This could prove difficult to maintain if you are drowning in clutter, or if you are unable to design it according to your taste.

3. Paint!

Time to choose the color scheme! If you have your heart set on a particular color for the walls, paint them. Then go buy the furniture that compliments your choice.  Or vice versa.

If you pick a darker color, it would look best if the room has windows, otherwise your office could seem a bit gloomy. If more windows are not an option, make sure you have plenty of light fixtures. Desk lamp, floor lamp, ceiling light, etc.

If you pick a lighter color of paint, this can make a small space seem slightly bigger. This can make a space seem even larger.  Add flair to the walls with a painting or two. A mirror could help add dimension.  If paintings are not your thing, turn to wallpaper. This works if you want a certain pattern, such as stripes or floral.

So there you have it! You now have the power to create the perfect space. Decorate and organize your office until you are fully satisfied and proud. Make it comfortable, peaceful, and homey – It is your Home Office after all!

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