Decorate Your Home For Less

Decorating your home can be a chore and could cost you a lot of money if you follow every trend and buy only from catalogs or expensive stores, but you can save money on your home décor if you just think outside of the box and spend a little more time with your friends.

Shop Local

One way to get great deals on home décor is to shop clearance sales at local stores. These items are not the newest and best, but most of the time you will save money on the big purchases that you keep for a while. Home items like sofas, tables and other furniture are best bought on clearance at a store.  Not only can you get a great deal, but most stores will still have a warranty on their clearance items.

You can shop estate sales, and yard sales to find more great deals on furniture and other home items without breaking the bank. These are previously owned so you want to make sure you really look at the item your buying because you probably will not be able to take it back.  You also want to make sure you are familiar with recalled items as many people try to sell them at yard sales instead of sending them in. Other people just don’t know there has been a recall. You also want to stay away from mattresses that are second hand. There are many health concerns with mattresses and buying new could save you more money in the long run than buying used.

Use a Company

Have your friends buy you new home décor by hosting a home décor party. There are many companies out there that offer great home décor, cookware and furniture and they do it in a party format. Check around to find a good hostess plan and invite your friends over to spend their money. Most companies offer you a percentage of your sales in free merchandise. Some home party companies even give you a bonus for booking more shows for the consultants.  This is a great way for you and your friends to redecorate your homes with new and different products.

Swap It!

Another great way to decorate your home is to organize a neighborhood swap. It’s very easy to do just rent a park, pavilion or large room to hold your swap. Your neighbors then bring items from their home that they don’t want or need anymore. You then go around swapping items you don’t want for items you do want.  You may also want to offer services for swaps if you are just trying to clean the clutter out of your home and don’t want more stuff.

A combination of all of these should get you a great deal on your nest decorating project. With so many people looking to fix the home they have instead of buying new you should have no problem talking your friends and family into saving some money also.

Holly Brown is an interior designer and blogger. She currently runs a home décor and home improvement blog called Home Style Tips.  She also runs a home party business though Celebrating Home.


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