Victorian Home Décor

If you have a Victorian style home, or if you simply like the elegant but welcoming Victorian style, why not decorate your home using Victorian principles?

Victorian décor combines elaborate, elegant furniture with comfortable throw pillows and upholstery to create a room that is both stylish and homey. An abundance of knickknacks and other accessories adds to the appeal of the Victorian style.

One hallmark of Victorian style decorating is the use of doilies on tables, armchair backs, and even as wall art. Rooms decorated according to Victorian principles are, however, quite feminine in appearance, so make sure that the décor will be acceptable to all members of the family.

A variety of colors will work in Victorian style, and many paint manufacturers carry Victorian lines to help you with the selection. Generally, darker hues such as mulberry, slate, and forest green are used, just to name a few. Historically, lighter colors weren’t used in cities because of soot stains.

Victorian Décor Walls and Floors

  • Wood flooring is one of the most common materials found in Victorian décor
  • Patterned floors are also very common; consider a parquet floor or add a stenciled border to spice up a hallway
  • Tile is one cost effective way to introduce patterned floors
  • Oriental rugs, particularly those in floral designs, were quite common, and can be used to cover generic carpeting for a more lush look
  • A variety of deep colors can be used on walls
  • Generally, trim is done in lighter colors to make the ornate patterns more visible
  • Wallpaper became increasingly more popular during the Victorian era

Victorian Décor Furnishings

  • Wood furniture, and particularly dark woods like mahogany, is the most common material used for furnishings in the Victorian house
  • Elaborate Victorian style furniture has a lot of decorative scrollwork, attractive turned legs, and inlayed wood patterns
  • However, comfort should never be sacrificed: soften wood seating with plush pillows
  • Look for overstuffed upholstered pieces
  • Pick up some pieces that will allow you to display knickknacks like butler trays, pedestal tables, and side tables
  • The most common furniture style used in Victorian rooms is the Louis style of the 17th and 18th centuries.

Victorian Décor Accessories

  • Wall decoration ideas:
    • Hang a piece of fine china, or a grouping of odd numbered pieces
    • Display a collection of porcelain dolls in shadowboxes
    • Frame a collection of doilies or antique needlepoint
    • Hang a canopy in the bedroom that trails down the wall to meet with the headboard
    • Cluster some mirrors with ornate antique frames
  • Table and counter decoration ideas:
    • Use a teacup and saucer to store odds and ends on a counter
    • Top a handmade doily with a vase of fresh cut flowers for a simple centerpiece
    • Cluster brass or silver candlesticks topped with tapers
    • Display black and white photos in antique frames
    • Show off a collection of painted porcelain figures
  • Lighting ideas:
    • Elaborate chandeliers work well in elegant Victorian rooms
    • Wrought iron wall sconces add low levels of light
    • Tiffany stained glass lamps are extremely popular choices

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