Victorian Furniture Ideas

If you are a big fan of romance and the classics, then Victorian furniture will suit your home well. This kind of furniture became popular during the reign of England’s Queen Victoria. At that time, society was on its way to being stylish, and furniture became a symbol of wealth.

Victorian furniture gives your home a touch of class. Unlike other furniture themes, Victorian furniture makes you appreciate beauty, and at the same time a sense of comfort. It has also been an inspiration for other art themes, such as Art-Nouveau and the revival of the Gothic style. But even after so many changes in style and fashion, Victorian furniture remains to exist, proving itself to be timeless.

Creating a Victorian feel in your home

Victorian furniture somehow creates a dark and gloomy feeling for some. It is at most times caused by the theme’s attempt to bring back the past. The Victorian period may be long gone, but the furniture is here to stay.

Victorian furniture features ornate and decorative motifs, rich, dark colors and fabrics. Victorian interiors often make use of gold accents and highlights.

If you want to make your home look Victorian, of course you have to use Victorian furniture. This kind of furniture is quite old, and some already consider it as antique. You may use antique furniture as well, but remember that Victorian furniture is heavily upholstered.

From the chairs to the sofas, cushions are stuffed to make them busty, and comfortable to sit on. Aside from furniture cushions, the pillows, mattresses and bed covers must also be puffy.

A Victorian four post bed with ornate canopy shows how fabric patterns are often repeated.

Victorian furniture is also bulky and heavy. It is made to be the focal point of the room. Most pieces are made up of hardwood, such as oak, rosewood and mahogany.

You can find intricate carvings on the arms and legs of these furniture pieces too. They usually occupy a lot of space, so situate them on the most ideal places you can think of.

Other parts of Victorian furniture meanwhile are made of metal. Drawer pulls, doorknobs and other handles on Victorian-style closets and cupboards are made of metal. Built in furnishings on the other hand are made of stone.

In an authentic Victorian home, fireplaces are made of stone, like marble. If you do have a fireplace, you can make it look Victorian not necessarily by replacing the fireplace with a marble furnishing; paint techniques can now do the trick.

Dark and heavy kinds of fabric such as velvet are used in Victorian furniture. This kind of fabric absorbs the light and adds a gloomy and mysterious feel to your home. During the Victorian period, heavy fabrics are used almost everywhere, from cushion covers to curtains, drapes, and over covers.

A modern living room with Victorian theme can be elegant and tastefully done.

Fabrics are used as an alternative for wallpaper, mainly because they keep the home warm and cozy during the cold. Victorian patterns and colors tend to be dark, rich and bold.

The patterns used in Victorian furniture are commonly bold and intricate. Like the furniture itself, the Victorian designs occupy a lot of space. Sometimes though, they create a cramped and cluttered effect.

Rich, dark colors are often used on Victorian furniture. Shades of red and blue can be found on the cushions, covers, wallpapers and curtains. They too help in blocking the light from coming in, as well as keeping a gloomy atmosphere to your home.

Keeping the Victorian Touch

Hardwood and plush upholstery give this Victorian armchair a look opulent luxury!

The right lighting and decorative ornaments are helpful in adding a Victorian feeling to your home. Light is controlled to make your visitors notice the furnishings, so it is focused on particular furniture pieces.

You can make use of silk lampshades for lighting, or brass light stands with shades made of shell. Others try to make their Victorian home look authentic by placing candle holders on the walls-the light, of course, is now generated by electricity. Crystal chandeliers also add a sense of glamor to the room.

The floors meanwhile provide additional beauty to Victorian furniture when laid with rugs and carpets. They also act like fabric wallpaper, and insulate your home from the cold.

To maintain a Victorian fashion into your home, you must keep your furnishings well decorated. Victorian furniture is thus topped vases, jewelry boxes, and egg-shaped picture frames.

You may place old photographs of you and your family to achieve the nostalgic feeling, as well as antique porcelain sets and even a grandfather clock, if you do have one.

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