Tuscan Home Décor

Tuscan décor is another style that focuses on creating a rustic and inviting look.

The style is based on the homey and nature-friendly decorating found in the Italian villas of Tuscany.

There are also some elements of classic European style that distinguish Tuscan design from other rustic and nature-based decorating styles.

Colors are natural but bright. Warm terra cottas, rich greens, sunny golds, and brick reds all have central places in Tuscan decorating.

However, natural materials such as marble and stone also take center stage in flooring, countertops, arches, and other decorative elements.

Water is another hallmark of Tuscan style, so fountains are a wonderful addition to any room

Tuscan Décor Walls and Floors

  • Marble, stone and brick floors are ideal for Tuscan homes
  • Leave floors uncovered and natural looking – unless temperature is a problem, in which case try a natural woven floorcovering
  • Stick with natural colors for walls and use finishes that allow the texture of the wall to show through
  • Exposed brick, stone, and wood add depth to rooms – there’s no need to paint them

Tuscan Décor Furnishings

  • Common materials:
    • Wood
    • Scrolled ironwork
    • Metal
  • Straight lines and simple shapes add to the comfortable, laid back feeling
  • Wherever possible, leave furniture unpainted and stick with a varnish that allows the natural patina to shine
  • Tile accents can add to the attractiveness of furniture and are a common element in Tuscan furnishings
  • Consider integrating café style tables with brightly patterned tile tops
  • If furnishings are bought new, consider distressing them to make them integrate better into the room

Tuscan Décor Accessories

  • Wall decoration ideas:
    • Hang a wall rack and stock it with decorative copper pots
    • Display brightly colored tiles in frames or shadowboxes
    • String dried flowers along a wall or over a door
    • Hang braids of onions or garlic
    • Display a collection of patterned Italian plates
    • Landscape paintings are commonly used
  • Table and counter decoration ideas:
    • Since water is so important in Tuscan design, try a small decorative fountain
    • Stack dishes and pottery out in plain sight on shelves or in cupboards with open doors
    • Display cooking utensils or staples such as rice and beans in tall glass containers
    • Start an herb garden in a sunny nook
    • Display fruit or wildflowers in a metal urn
  • Lighting ideas:
    • Try using table lamps with intricate scrollwork bases
    • Hang decorative wall sconces or lanterns
    • Iron candlesticks provide natural light as well as decorating the table

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