The Heart & Soul of Cottage Furniture

While the term cottage furniture might evoke in some people a visualization of big, bulky wooden furniture, modern cottage furniture doesn’t have to be so.

Even though the country furniture style is the inspiration of cottage design furniture, nowadays, there are modern cottage furniture manufacturers that released elegant contemporary cottage furniture designs.

Of course, one can still find country-inspired-design cottage furniture that is made up of wooden slats.

These are really rectangular blocks of furniture that are great for the living room, porch or the garden. These are also perfect for the backyard or the open garage.

Meanwhile, there are manufacturers that offer cottage furniture that would depict a kind of refined and sophisticated décor. Moreover, most cottage style furniture you can find on the Internet is thinner and curvier in design.

The former kinds of cottage furniture are mostly outdoor tables, closets, cabinets, compartments, etc. It gives a somewhat rustic feeling to the house.

The latter kind of cottage furniture on the other hand is usually an eclectic combination of other furniture styles. The curves are most likely French in origin, giving the furniture an opulent feel to it, the very opposite of traditional cottage furniture.

Cottage furniture is also perfect in children’s rooms. The wooden and bright-colored cabinets and tables go well with the playful nature of children. Besides that, this kind of cottage furniture is sturdier. It would be able to withstand extensive abuse from child’s play.

Cottage furniture works well in all types of houses, whether it’s eclectic, modern, or minimalist, there is bound to be a place in the house where cottage furniture can be appropriately sconce.

A complete set of cottage furniture is an appropriate addition in log-vacation houses. They are perfect for dining areas, bedrooms, living rooms, porch chairs and tables, as well as cabinets, and many others. The more modern design of this furniture shies away from bright colors. They are just usually natural woods varnished with natural colors.

However, when you say you want a cottage look for your interiors, it’s usually the clean and fresh look that you’re looking for, so white or natural-color-varnished cottage furniture would be better.

If you don’t have the budget to buy from furniture stores, you can opt to go to flea markets, bargain shops, or garage sales. You can get cheaper merchandise that you can just repaint or clean. And viola! You’ll be able to get cottage furniture for just a few bucks.

It is usually the buyer’s discretion how to mix and match certain styles of furniture. You might not want a wholly cottage look for your house; although you could not go wrong to have majority of them.

You may also get an interior designer to help you in deciding which furniture to buy or perhaps a friend with an eye for aesthetic value. The cliché “…two heads are better than one” still applies when choosing a cottage style furniture.

There are really no hard rules when it comes to the design your house or picking the right furniture, except perhaps that it looks good, which could be subjective – and yet there are still standards.

For the furniture, at least remember the most basic thing – it must be sturdy to last long enough until you are ready to buy a new one. You wouldn’t want cabinets and shelves to be falling apart after just a few months you bought them. When it comes to the color and style, it’s totally your discretion; feel free to be adventurous with the colors.

For the outside furniture, though, you want to make sure that it can withstand outdoor weather where it could get chilly in the winter and scorching hot in the summer.

In general, cottage furniture leans towards simplicity and elegance – it’s not pretentious. It’s straightforward and very practical exuding with enduring beauty and grace.

The main theme of cottage furniture is harmony with its surroundings. That is why they are built compact, usually made of indigenous materials, and crafted by skilled craftsmen.

Cottage furniture is not traditionally manufactured out of long assembly lines. The craftsman pours his heart and soul to each of his cottage furniture from the start to the finish. Making them works of art whose beauty transcends through time and culture.

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