Rustic Home Décor

The words “rustic style” don’t really seem to go together on the surface, but a home decorated in rustic décor doesn’t have to look shabby. Instead, you’re going for a more relaxed and nature friendly vibe.

As a result, you want to concentrate on integrating natural materials into your home. Handmade craft items also inject a little homey flair and work well with this style.

Rustic décor works best in less formal homes; it would be out of place in a Greek Revival mansion but absolutely suitable in an A-frame cabin.

The best colors for a rustic design scheme are found in nature. Forest greens, browns of all shades, sunny yellows, and brick reds all work well.

Steer away from fussy patterns and move more toward natural, simple ones. Leaf or flower patterns work well, but so do geometrics like gingham checks.

Rustic Décor Walls and Floors

  • Hardwood floors are ideal for rustic décor
  • Warm up the floors with casual rugs
  • Leave beams on ceilings exposed and unpainted
  • Consider using unpainted paneling on the bottom half of the walls
  • Leave brick, wood, and stone unfinished except for stain or varnish

Rustic Décor Furnishings

  • Common materials:
    • Wood
    • Wicker
    • Leather
  • Rustic furniture has a rough hewn look and is often handmade. A room full of handmade furniture can be very visually overwhelming, so choose one or two pieces to focus on per room. Select basic pieces in wood or other natural materials to complement your focal points
  • You still want your furniture to be comfortable, so add cushions and pillows in natural colors to wood or wicker furniture
  • Consider bench seating around the dining room table to enhance the comfortable feel

Rustic Décor Accessories

  • Wall decoration ideas
  • Stick with paintings of animals or nature scenes
  • Group birdhouses in a wall display
  • Hang antlers over doorframes
  • Display family photos in rough wood frames
  • Hang old doors or window frames as wall decorations
  • Group old or antique kitchen utensils, cups, or baskets
  • Table and counter decoration ideas
  • Display pine cones in a wooden bowl or tall glass jar
  • Make a centerpiece with wildflowers in a bell jar
  • Place candles in a bowl filled with small stones
  • Use large river stones as bookends
  • Live plants are a great way to bring the outdoors inside
  • Lighting ideas:
    • Consider cast iron lanterns on the walls
    • Use chandeliers with real candles
    • Try oil lamps; either vintage or modern electric lights in the same shape

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