Pretty in Pink Girls Bedroom Theme

Admittedly, pink is not really a theme, but rather a color. However the color evokes a girl’s bedroom that is soft, feminine, playful and cozy.

Photo by Suzy Pierce Design

Your young girl’s bedroom can be filled with dots, ruffles or lace, but however you decide to decorate your daughter’s pink room you can be certain it will be fabulous.

What Kind of Pink

Painting the walls is the first and most obvious step to creating a pink paradise for your girl. Pink and white makes for the most classic girly look, while pink and brown creates a luxurious, “just-opened-box-of-chocolates” feeling.

And pink and black? What could be more chic and sophisticated? For girls who want an edgier, more energetic style, try hot pink and lime green.

Photo by Suzy Pierce Design

Or you can turn pink and green into a softer cottage style by using soft, pale pinks and sage green.

Sugar and Spice

You can decorate your girl’s room with polka dots, ruffles, lace or flowers, or all of the above! Just be careful that you don’t overdo it. Chose several items in the room to embellish and leave the rest simple. It will have more impact that way.

Create the Perfect Polka Dots

One nice effect is to cover the walls in a very pale pink flat latex paint, then paint polka dots on top of that in a slightly darker semi gloss shade to make the circles pop. The effect is more subtle than using a contrasting color, but the overall effect is powerful.

To create perfect circles, cut out templates from cardboard and trace around them with chalk onto the painted wall. The dots can be placed evenly or randomly and the sizes can vary or you can use all large dots. A paint can lid makes an ideal size to base your template on.

A pink wall also provides the perfect backdrop for wooden or appliqué letters that spell out the girl’s name or adjectives that describe her.

Pink celing and sheer white canopy give this girls room a soft pink theme.

Cozy Girl’s Bedroom Glamor

Girly means cozy and glamorous, as well as feminine. Create a private reading nook by taking a corner section of the room and hanging a soft fantasy bower over the area. A white shag carpet and lots of cushy pillows completes the special spot.

Another way to get that elegant feel is with a sheer canopy over the bed. Don’t worry if your girl doesn’t have a canopy bed; you can create the same effect simply and inexpensively.

All you need are three standard curtain rods, and sheer drapes. Hang the rods on the ceiling over the bed where you want the drapes to fall. One above the head and one on each side are probably sufficient.

Be sure to attach the curtain clips onto the rod before installation, unless the clips are the kind you can attach after the pole is hung. You are ready to hang the curtains!

Dressing Table and Vanity

What girls’ bedroom would be complete with out a fancy dressing table and chair? If yours is too plain, simply embellish. You can find a nice white chair cover for the chair.

Yellow and pink create great contrast in this cute girls room decor.

Put a big pink bow on the back of it, or edge it in lace. Paint the dressing table white, and edge the mirror in lights; you can find low cost LED rope lights that don’t need to be plugged in.

Details, Details

When creating a special feminine mood for the room, remember to pay attention to the details. Here are a few tips for adding that special extra touch:

  • Replace the standard overhead lighting with a small chandelier. Many inexpensive ones are now available and you can even find them in pinks and lavenders.
  • Use decorative tiebacks on window treatments, in pinks, jewels, or glass.
  • Replace plain drawer pulls with crystal ones.
  • Hang a white display shelf for dolls or collectibles.

Photo by Suzy Pierce Design

  • Cover a plain nightstand with decorative fabric in a toile pattern, floral or stripes. This can be as simple as using a sheet that matches or contrasts with the bedding, trimmed with a ribbon at the hem.
  • Find an old coat rack and paint it white. Drape it with a pink feather boa, a few fancy purses, hang dance shoes or ballet slippers on it.
  • Replace the plain switchplate with something decorative. You can find these premade or can decorate your own to match the room.
  • A stack of pretty floral hatboxes (stack them large to small) provides storage and adds to the décor of the room.
  • Pink goes great with black, yellow, white and some shades of green and blue.

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