Grape Decor Ideas for Your Home

Recently it has become quite trendy to decorate with grape decor, and along those lines, a French cafe decor theme or wine decor theme! Creating this look is not difficult, and not at all expensive!

Mass merchandisers now carry pictures and wall art depicting grapes and wine, and I have even seen similar items in my local dollar store! Recently I saw a set of four French cafe prints (framed) for $5 for the whole set!
As you can see, if you look around, your grape decor will not cost you a fortune.

Grape Decor

Wall colors that work well with a grape decor, or wine decor are deep reds, golden yellows, and terracotta colors. These colors may be made to look weathered or muted to create an attractive, timeless beauty. You can also use faux finishing techniques to give added depth and dimension to your walls.

Grapevine wreathes are easily accessible and affordable in your local crafts store, or you can purchase them ready-made! On your windows, light and airy window coverings work best! One idea that works really well is the use of window ‘clings’ or wallpaper for windows – you can find these in a wide variety of styles, and a stained glass grape cling only costs around $25. This can be a great addition to your kitchen window to incorporate your grape decor! The best part is, that they really do look like stained glass! And at a fraction of the cost, they can’t be beat!.

You can also find wrought iron wine racks that sit on your countertop that have a grape decor theme! Another idea is to find a strand of grapes and use it as a swag across the top of your windows. Paired with sheer window dressings, it creates a stunning look.

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