Creating an Eclectic Home Decor

When you say eclectic, it’s almost synonymous to anything goes. It means getting ideas or using concepts from different sources.

In the world of art, eclectic style decor is a mix of different styles from different continents, and different times. However, it should never border to being overt that it threads on the absurd or the weirder styles.

Achieving an eclectic kind of ambience would be a mix of everything while still resembling balance. An example of this would be mixing African wooden figurines, European chairs, and Asian tables and shelves.

Usually, an eclectic style shows the creator’s broad knowledge or eye for things that are scattered all over the world. A person whose home exudes eclectic design usually shows that the person is well traveled and embraces the different cultures and styles of the different places he visited.

Of course, you don’t need to be well traveled to have an eye for eclectic decor, nor do you need to hire an interior designer to come up with a home that looks professionally styled.

If you would want your home to be filled with eclectic decor, you can just read home magazines and other instructional materials you can grab to educate yourself about the style. After all, what you want for your house still depends on your own taste.

You could also ask help from someone who has another style in home decor. Since the idea of eclecticism is a mix of sorts, then another head, with a different taste in decor would enrich the “eclectification” of your house. He or she could also help you gauge if ever you’re going overboard in the middle of your decoration frenzy.

Of course, before you go crazy and just haul stuff into your home, there are important things that a decorator must consider besides the design itself.

Prepare a fixed budget. A small budget would mean that you must prioritize the pieces that are badly needed. You should do your homework to canvass the prices of the different furniture from different stores to really get the most out of your budget – a mark of true shrewd buyer.

Another important factor to be considered is space. This is crucial. You don’t want to defeat the purpose of redecorating if the result will just create even more clutter.

A tip if your room is small; to give it a more spacious look, you should not push your sofa next to the wall. Doing so will only had the feeling of being squeezed in a tight room. You want a space between your wall and your sofa; try it, you’ll see.

There’s no hard rule in eclectic decorating; the more variety, the better. The style is based on the concept of having limitless options when it comes to the kind of decor and how to use them. Try to pick a centerpiece or focal point for each room or specific area in a room and build around that piece, using it to set a cohesive theme.

A multitude of unorthodox ideas gives life to an otherwise drab room. While you may stick to the usual mix of continental furniture, you may also want to inject your own personal pick into it; it’s not illegal … really! Another cheap way to gather different styles of furniture is to go to garage sales or watch for companies selling their slightly worn-out furniture.

Trips to the neighborhood antique shop may give you a supply of cheap, reparable furniture also. Who knows what one-of-a-kind furniture that might already be out of stock you can find there. You may also ask relatives to donate some their old pieces. You might stumble on elegant pieces of European furniture if you go through your grandparents’ basement.

In eclectic designing, resourcefulness and creativity are a must. One must know how it is to run ideas outside the box. In a way, eclectic designing emancipates you from the normal and boring styles of home decoration. It serves as a liberating exercise of your artistic creativity for a tinge of surrealism.

In the end, it is still up to the decorator on which furniture or what kind of decoration is to be displayed in the house. Eclectic style decoration is most likely a matter of choice, except that it is the liberty of choosing and picking a wide variety of choices.

If you’re still undecided on what kind of style to use; whether Baroque, Asian, Classical or modernist. Why not try eclectic?

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