Creating a Tropical Decor

If you love the beach, or the tropics, than a tropical decor can be the perfect home decorating style for you.

It doesn’t take lots of money or endless amounts of time to bring some of the ‘beach’ home with you.

Almost anything that is typical of the sun, sea and sand can inject that tranquil feeling of being on a perfect beach and being soothed by swaying palm trees.

Tropical Decor

Soft fabrics in bold, Caribbean prints can create a tropical feel to drapes, upholstery, throws, pillows, lampshades, table settings, trays, or even bedding.

There are exciting tropical print designs in uniquely fresh hand printed fabrics, and an island-inspired selection of home accessories on numerous websites to add to your lifestyle.

Bamboo blinds add an earthy, natural element to windows and come in a variety of styles that are all fairly inexpensive. You can also use simple white sheers over your windows- this provides a light, airy feel to any room!

For your color palette think natural tones of the ocean, sand and tropical jungle for walls; tans, aqua’s, light greens, creams and bright white with accents in either pastel shades reminiscent of the Colonial era, or bursts of vibrant exotic fruit colors to make featured areas ‘pop’.

Shells and driftwood collected on vacations, then washed and displayed in wicker baskets or clear glass vases provide fabulous summery centerpieces. You can even decorate shells with bows, glitter and craft jewels and hang them on your Christmas tree!

Sisal rugs can do wonders to an otherwise mundane floor covering and come in a selection of natural color tones. Along with sisal, bamboo, rattan, and straw fans are easily available on the market and invoke a humid atmosphere.

Have fun with layers, and accents, and your home will become a tropical paradise in its own right!

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