Contemporary Home Décor

Some people picture cold, unusable rooms when they think of contemporary décor, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, contemporary style focuses on streamlined shapes and low key accessorizing while still creating comfortable and inviting rooms.

Use of materials like glass, chrome, and leather create an upscale, modern look that still allows for living, eating, and gathering.

By relying more on clean shapes, interesting textures, and a deliberate use of color, accessories are kept to a minimum without creating a boring room.

Most contemporary rooms have a white, black, or neutral base, with most of the furnishings, walls, and flooring done in one or more of these colors.

Visual interest is added through a small number of accessories in one or two bright colors. Accessories are either large in scale or clustered in groups based on size, function, or shape.

Additional design interest is contributed by the use of interesting geometric shapes in furnishings, architectural details, and accessories.

Contemporary Décor Walls and Floors

  • Wood, vinyl and tile flooring contribute to the sleek feeling of a contemporary room
  • Floor coverings can be minimalist or plush
  • Try a plush faux fur area rug in a living area or a woven rattan mat in the dining room
  • Modern geometric print rugs or wallcoverings are also common
  • Walls are often painted in white or neutral
  • Trim can be painted to match the walls or can be done in black or another dark color to draw the eye to architectural details

Contemporary Décor Furnishings

  • Common materials:
    • Wood
    • Leather
    • Glass
  • Choose furnishings with simple geometric shapes
  • Cushions should also be geometric rather than plush and overstuffed
  • Steer away from ruffles, flounces, and skirts; leave furniture legs uncovered
  • Natural fabrics such as jute, cotton, linen, and wool add texture and depth to simple furnishings
  • Draw the eye with tables or other furnishings that incorporate materials like glass and chrome

Contemporary Décor Accessories

  • Wall decoration ideas:
    • Hang a large picture or poster alone on a wall and light it with a spotlight
    • Hunt down a great piece of three-dimensional modern art
    • Inject a little exotic flair by hanging a tribal mask, kimono, or another oversized piece
    • Try doing the unthinkable and leaving a wall bare; place a large piece on the floor to take up the space
  • Table and counter decoration ideas:
    • Elevate a small sculpture on a miniature column or a block of wood painted with black lacquer
    • Display a large vase with a few big, dramatic blooms
    • Use a large piece of coral with an interesting shape as a bookend
    • Place fresh fruit in a tall glass vase and use it as a centerpiece
    • Use baskets or lacquered boxes to store odds and ends out of sight
    • Cluster a collection of glass pieces in one vibrant color
  • Lighting ideas:
    • Track lighting provides focused light without eating up space
    • Use wall sconces in streamlined shapes
    • Try a fixture with a large, oversized shade

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