Beach Decor

Decorating your home in a beach decor is easy to do, and is inspired by the tranquility of the ocean and the beach, and the carefree lifestyle it invokes.

Natural fibers and clean lines help build this beach decor theme.

The beach-house bathroom is a mixture of soft contrasts. Clean lines and a basic color palette create a fresh, uncluttered look.

The colors of sun, sea, and sand are naturally an influence. The style is low-key, romantically rustic, and simple.

Take the cool blues – deepest marine to palest aqua – for inspiration, and choose from the yellows – vibrant sunshine yellow and sand-gold to cream – to provide a contrast.

Using white as a foil, you can blend colors to express quite different moods. Opt for a bright and summery seaside atmosphere with strong bright color accents – use deckchair stripes on furnishings and tiles.

Alternatively, choose the sun-bleached looks of a beach cabin – soft whites, muted blues, light sandy-grays, and pale yellows – and echo the weathered tones of driftwood and pebbles with limed and color-washed wood and stone effects.

Beach Decor

For a fresh, airy, beach decor, paint the walls and ceiling white, or in a pale to mid-tone matte finish. A change of texture – tongue-and-groove paneling or plain tiles – will add interest below wainscoting level.

A darker color will "ground" the scheme and suggest sea and sky. Choose strong contrasts such as marine blue and white, or go for a subtle distressed or color-washed finish.

On your walls, choose soft colors- pale blues, greens or yellows, and stencil a beach themed motif around the top of the room, or perhaps at wainscoting level.

Mosaic designs are fun and classic in the kitchen and bath and help bring the colors of the deep sea into the room!

On your windows, beach décor is exemplified with simple curtains such as linen colored tab tops or sheer white panels add a light and breezy feel! Blinds and shutters have a nice beach décor feel when they are natural wood slatted blinds, roll-up cane or painted/distressed wooden shutters.

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