Asian Style Home Décor

Asian Style Décor is simple and understated yet still manages to convey a feeling of elegance. If you’re looking for a high class but streamlined style, Asian Style Décor might just be the right fit for you.

The focus in this style is on elegant lines and uncluttered rooms. Rather than displaying a cluster of knickknacks on a shelf, a home decorated in Asian Style Décor would display one or two fabulous pieces.

Since the accessories are kept to a minimum, furniture pieces are often ornate, with curved lines and intricate details. This minimalistic attitude makes Asian Style Décor a terrific choice for lofts or homes with small interiors.

Bright pops of color and interesting textures are also used to add visual interest to otherwise minimalistic rooms. Bright, shiny red is a hallmark of Asian Style Décor, but you can also integrate electric blues, bright golds, and emerald greens, to name a few.

Asian Style Décor Walls and Floors

  • Generally, Asian Style homes have wood floors
  • Floors are covered by Oriental rugs or textured tatami mats
  • Walls are generally painted in a neutral color such as white or cream
  • Folding screens may be used to section off large rooms or to block off private areas
  • These screens may be plain rice paper or elaborately painted with designs like flowers, pagodas, or geisha.

Asian Style Décor Furnishings

  • Common materials:
    • Wood
    • Rice paper
    • Bamboo
  • Furniture is often lacquered in colors like black, red, or brown
  • Lines may be boxy and minimalist or elaborate and almost pagoda-like
  • Iron hardware is common and is usually painted black
  • Since space is often at a premium, many Asian style interiors use furniture that can be repurposed, like a futon that can serve as seating or bedding

Asian Style Décor Accessories

  • Wall decoration ideas:
    • Hang a shoji screen painted with a large mural on the wall
    • Display paintings or scrolls ornamented with Japanese or Chinese characters
    • Paint a series of characters over a doorway
    • Hang a kimono or use kimono fabric in your window treatments
    • Display a collection of Asian inspired wind chimes
  • Table and counter decoration ideas:
    • Use plants such as bamboo (in a Chinese themed room) or bonsai (in a Japanese themed room)
    • Asian style fountains add unexpected interest to bookshelves or dining areas
    • Display a sushi kit, bento box, or sake set
    • Use a gong as a unique centerpiece
    • Display a collection of Chinese style terra cotta warriors
    • Oriental vases are always a lovely choice for walls or floors depending on their size
  • Lighting ideas:
    • Asian style lanterns are an obvious choice
    • You can hang rice paper lanterns or use stone versions for sconces or tabletops
    • Rice paper globes offer diffuse light as well as a high design factor

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