A Primitive Decor Pulls Simple Elements Together

Decorative items are the icing on any decorating style and will help pull your Primitive decor theme together.

This design approach works perfect with simple, unadorned decorative accessories which help bring out the comfortable and warm atmosphere of warmth and simplicity.

Choose good quality accessories such as collectibles, wall art and pillows that add to your primitive decor look and help pull it all together.

Single pieces of artwork should be positioned so the middle of the piece is at eye level, not so that the tops or bottoms of the frames are even as some people think. Try laying a group of artwork out on the floor initially to work out the best design.

You can bring interesting flair into your Primitive decor theme design with folk art, which you could place in plain frames.

Primitive Decor

Collectibles and ‘trinkets’ can really bring a creative touch to any room, no matter what the design style. To round out your primitive country decorating, stick with accessories that have a comfortable and warm ambiance.

Try putting a graduated set of pantry boxes stacked on a table or in the corner or adding antique baskets filled with dried flowers. You can inject your own distinct style to the room by selecting accessories which reflect your unique style.

You don’t need to spend too much cash to acquire great items, try identifying a consignment store or flea market nearby and you’ll be surprised at the good quality accessories you can get for very little cost. Yard and garage sales are other places to find great pieces for your primitive decor, without spending a lot of money!

Some accessories that can help complete the ambiance of warmth and simplicity include folk art, tramp art, and vintage signs. It is a good idea to pick accessories which coordinate with your overall room decor.

Another accessory you can think about to add charm to your design theme is decorative pillows. You can find a use for pillows in every room even the bathroom and kitchen.

Displaying decorative pillows arranged at the head of your bed will add a fantastic professional allure. Pillows on your chairs or sofa may help insert the primitive country decorating sense to the furniture.

Displaying primitives such as old boxes and baskets can add a professional style to your Primitive decorating theme. Be sure you know what you want before you go out shopping, though- otherwise you will spend more than you intend, and likely end up with pieces that do not fit the primitive decor theme very well!

You will need to try also to acquire items in the proper sizes and also proportions. This way you can make sure to get accessories that fit and look together fabulous.

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