25 Cool Teen Bedroom Themes

Teens love to decorate their bedrooms; from retro to ultra modern, punk rock to hip hop, black walls, pink walls, violet or chartreuse, creativity and self-expression are the main concerns when decorating your teen bedroom.

Parents will worry that their home is being defaced by graffiti art and blackened walls, but remember you can easily repaint once your teen goes away to college or otherwise moves out on their own so let them have it their way in their own bedroom; compromise is the name of the game for both teens and parents when the topic of teen bedroom decorating comes up!

We’ve put together this list of 25 cool teen bedroom themes for parents to consider ideas and examples when decorating a teen bedroom:

1. Color-Coordinated Teen Bedroom

Teens’ tastes change quickly so the best teen bedroom theme may be no theme at all; just pick a color scheme and let them change up posters, accessories, etc. the way you’d change, say your socks! This can be an effective strategy that lets teens change their room as they grow and mature. Most designers will tell you to choose a proven color scheme and avoid going too heavy on the whole ‘theme’ bedroom anyway; it usually turns out to be good advice.

2. Black and White Teen Bedroom

Anti-color is trendy too; paint one wall in the room black and leave the others white. A black wall will really highlight posters and other art you put up without making the entire room seem like a darkened cave. For a really hip black and white room you could also skip color completely and choose black and white photos and art to hang on your walls. Create visual impact by adding one accent color, such as red to give emphasis and create a single focal point; it could be the headboard, something on the wall, the bedspread … whatever you want to really stand out.

3. Pretty in Pink Girl Teen Bedroom

Pink is a favorite color with girls. You can mix pale pink with white for a soft look or contrast bright pink on black, green or blue for a harder edge that appeals to teen sensibilities. Besides pink, other popular teen girls’ bedroom colors include purple, turquoise, orange and white.

4. Navy and Khaki Boy Teen Bedroom

While you can just leave a guy’s bedroom walls neutral white or off-white, you might like to add a little color. Navy and Khaki is a quintessential masculine color combination with great contrast. Other colors that work well in teen boys’ bedrooms include navy, sky blue, gray, khaki and red.

5. Teen Girl Bedroom Patterns

After choosing your colors, the best way to establish your bedroom theme is to pick a pattern that repeats; this will give your room a cohesive look that you can change and update over time by changing other elements such as artwork, bedding, wallpaper or wallpaper borders and window coverings. Popular patterns for teen girls’ bedrooms include polka dots, bubble dots, floral patterns, hearts and diamonds.

6. Teen Guy Bedroom Patterns

Once you have chosen your color scheme, pick a pattern when selecting bedding, area rugs, etc. to pull your guy teen bedroom a good base to build upon. Patterns that work well in a teen boy’s room include stripes, camouflage, sports logos or balls and plaid or checkered patterns.

7. Glam Girls Teen Bedroom

Hollywood and Broadway offer inspiration and plenty of ‘bling, bling’ to create a teen girls’ bedroom décor. Cut out pics of your favorite stars from glam magazines and create a picture wall; that way you can easily change the photos as your tastes and favorite stars evolve. Add touches such as a glitzy chandelier, wall mirror with gilded gold frame and pick fabrics like silk, satin or velvet.

8. Pop Music Artists Teen Room

Especially for ‘tween’ and younger teen girls, pop music stars are where its at; posters of the Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana and all the rest make inexpensive, easy-to-switch wall decorations. Pick a color scheme for your bedding, walls and window treatment and go from there; you know what stars you like but avoid painting wall murals that incorporate images or logos associated with your favorite bands; you may not like them in a few months or a year from now!

9. All Sports Teen Guy’s Bedroom

Let’s face it, guys are more likely to follow college and pro sports stars than movie or pop music stars. And your favorite big league team colors are a great way to establish a color scheme to follow when choosing bedspread, window covering fabrics, etc. From posters to pennants, jerseys, signed balls and all the other sports memorabilia available you have unlimited choices when decorating a sports-themed bedroom.

10. Extreme Sports Teen Bedroom

If X Games is more your style than football or baseball, pick a more radical color combination such as black and green. Hang your favorite skateboard or snowboard on the wall or do something more creative like using an old skateboard as a wall display shelf. Hang posters or put up a bulletin board where you can easily pin up photos, decals, etc. of your favorite skaters, motocross riders, big wave surfers … whatever extreme sports you’re into! The extreme sports movement appeals to guys more than girls but this is definitely a cross-gender bedroom theme possibility.

11. TV Star Teen Bedroom

Favorite TV actors and actresses are always a popular choice for posters and other bedroom artwork in most teens’ bedrooms. This comes so naturally that we are reluctant to even call this one a ‘theme’. Again, just consider whether you really want to paint your bedroom walls with faces of your favorite stars; you may regret the choice down the road!

12. Political and Social Movements Themes

Today’s teens tend to be more culturally conscious and environmentally aware. If you follow eco-trends, world politics and other important world issues, make your statement with imagery from magazines, posters from events you’ve participated in and an earthy color scheme. Use your bedroom to give your perspective on things that matter to you.

13. Video Game Teen Guys Room

Most teen guys avoid decorating their room with imagery of pop film or music stars, but art, posters and memorabilia from their favorite video games such as Halo, Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy, EA Sports games etc. For a really cool video game bedroom, put a flat screen TV on the wall and set up a small entertainment center to house all your favorite game consoles and display your favorite games; your room will be the place everyone wants to hang out … if your parents will go for the idea!

14. Retro Teen Bedroom

Retro is in; 1960s and 70s culture, music, clothes and hair styles are all the rage. Super bright colors, tye dye fabric, shag carpeting and wood veneer, plastic or vinyl furniture and accessories will give your teen room a fun retro look.

15, Country Western Teen Bedroom

For teens who are more into horses, western jeans, cowboy boots, rodeo stars and country music, the bedroom décor calls for something a bit more rustic. Start with a rough plank wood floor (or wood laminate to keep the cost down), consider adding a bunk bed or a rustic wood headboard and go for some leather, suede or rawhide.

16. Music Legends Teen Bedroom

Whether you’re into music legends from the 60s and 70s, Grunge, Heavy Metal, whatever, you can create a teen bedroom theme by finding autographed concert posters or banners, framed news articles, and memorabilia of your favorite artists or bands. A real guitar or other musical instrument can make a great focal point.

17. Family and Friends Teen Bedroom

More likely a girls’ theme than guys; you can surround yourself with photo displays of you and your favorite friends and family members; places you visited together, events such as homecoming, proms, weddings, etc. that you attended together and special souvenirs from those events. Perhaps not a bedroom ‘theme’ so much as just something a lot of teen girls do in order to show their love and affection of friends and family.

18. Mixed Martial Arts Teen Boys Bedroom

The trend away from wrestling towards mixed martial arts has created a whole new medium for guys to decorate their bedroom. Pin up posters of your favorite fighters, matches and venues, display your own trophies and awards. You can also display your sparring gloves and other martial arts stuff or set up a body opponent bag so you can work out in your own bedroom.

19. Outdoors Teen Bedroom Theme

For the outdoorsy teen, you have a lot of sub-themes and imagery from which to choose; put up wallpaper borders or wall paneling on one wall to reflect your favorite outdoor scenes, whether its mountain climbing, undersea exploration, a woodland scenes, seashore scenes, etc. Go with earthy colors such as taupe and green for accent items like your bedspread, throw pillows and window treatment.

20. Vehicle Teen Bedroom Themes

Guys love cars, motorcycles and racing imagery. If you are into motorcycles or hot rods, you can go with posters and other artwork of your favorite hot rod builders (think West Coast Choppers, Jessie James and Orange County Choppers). Whether you follow NASCAR or Formula One, racing fans can always display signed photos and other memorabilia featuring their favorite driver or team numbers and colors. And of course, if you race motocross, go carts or whatever yourself you’ll want a trophy display!

21. Fashionista Teen Girl’s Bedroom

If clothing and fashion design are your thing, you can create a funky look with zebra stripes or something like a cheetah or tiger print fabric bedspread and throw pillows, decorate your vanity with a designer mirror and makeup lights, and put up posters, magazine clippings or photographs autographed by your favorite fashion models and clothing designers.

22. Beach or Surfer Teen Bedroom

The surfer theme may be a bit passé and too common these days, but for teens who love the beach lifestyle its still a valid direction to take. The key here is to come up with something unique and a little ‘out there’. Don’t just put up surf posters and beach pictures; try a more specific theme like tropical beach décor, with bamboo mats and palm trees, or turn an old surfboard into an interesting headboard or wall decoration.

23. Big City Teen Bedroom

If you dream of living in a loft apartment in a metropolitan city like New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, etc. you’ll have a very unique teen bedroom by decorating with souvenirs and art posters of your favorite city or paint a mural of your favorite city skyline. Loft beds are available if you want to give your bedroom the look of a real city loft apartment.

24. World Traveler Teen Bedroom

Do you dream of traveling or living abroad? If so, this could give you the inspiration for a great bedroom theme; globes, maps, travel posters, photos and souvenirs from your own trips … the list of possibilities is endless. And if you don’t want to go all out with the travel theme, just decorate one wall as your ‘traveling’ focal point.

25. Graffiti Art Teen Bedroom

For the more artistic type, you could paint one wall in your bedroom with graffiti art (if mom and dad will let you!) or you can always have your favorite art projects framed and hang those on the wall. Another way to display your art talent would be to paint a canvas and hang it over your bed; this will create a colorful focal point without having to argue with your parents about painting the walls!

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