Conservatory Decorating Ideas

Conservatories, or sun lounges, are great places to relax. The nature of the construction (usually three walls and a roof made of glass) does make them tricky spaces to decorate. If you’re struggling with décor ideas, try our guide to perfect conservatory interiors.

Conservatory Furniture

One of the trickiest issues is finding the right furniture for your sun lounge.

The unique structure of this room means that the air can be particularly humid. And while it benefits from the warmth on a sunny day, it can drop to much cooler temperatures come wintertime.

And of course, the backdrop to any design you create, is your glorious garden. You’ll need furniture that complements, not competes with, your outdoor space.

Chairs and tables made from natural fibres such as rattan are particularly effective. There are also synthetic variants that are less susceptible to temperature changes. Glass can be used on table tops, but it can become hot to the touch. Traditional furnishing materials such as wood, plastic and metal tend to suffer more in the heat, and our generally less comfortable to sit on.

Interior Accessories

You’ll want to keep accessories to a minimum when thinking about your sun lounge. After all, the reason for the glass walls is to enjoy your garden, even if it’s too cold to sit outside.

However, if you do need a few extra touches to finish off your room, you may want to use your garden as inspiration.

Textiles are a good way to accessories conservatories as they don’t suffer from temperature changes in the same way as other materials. Add cushions, rugs and throws for comfort and a touch of class. Choose fabrics in colors that will complement your garden come rain or shine.

And you may want to even bring a little taste of the outdoors in with indoor plants. Not only can these provide color to your space and continuity between outside and in, but also they’ll give vibrancy to the room even when it’s gray outside.

Window Treatments for Sun Rooms

The conservatory is particularly unusual in that, instead of looking for wall treatments, you’ll need to look for the right window treatments.

You don’t want anything too elaborate that might block the view of your garden, but equally you will need a way to shade yourself from the midday sun.

Venetian blinds are a common choice due to their versatility and the wide range of finishes. If you really need curtains, you can complement blinds with swathes of lightweight fabrics like chiffon.

Conservatories are the perfect place to relax in the sun, so keep designs simple for a stylish interior.

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