Choosing the Best Bay Window Treatments

Bay windows invite a lot of natural light into the room, and stylistically, they have a lot to offer in terms of design. Because they are so wide and open though, there are a lot of options that might leave you confused with how to proceed. It can be hard to find what works best for your set up, so here are some tips from design experts if you need some inspiration.

Frame it Right

Large drapery panels should frame the bay – Designer Amy Bubier suggests placing these panels on the return walls so that you don’t obstruct the view. If you want your room to look taller, make sure to hang them two inches below your crown molding or as high as possible in your room.

Mix it Up

Mix your bay window treatments – Consider using plantation shutters on the windows themselves while hanging a top treatment over it, like a valance. You can coordinate the look of your valance with the fabric on pillows or cushions in the room, says Dave Stimmel. He also recommends adding a window seat if your bay windows don’t already have a seat, since this helps you mix your textures. “I love operating fabric or textile Roman shades with a coordinating seat cushion and decorative pillows,” he says.

Get Some Shade

Roman shades are elegant and easy – Flat shades will frame the window and add color and texture. They’re low maintenance, which makes them the best window coverings for families with children.

Find the Right Brackets

Consider ceiling mount brackets – Finding the right rod can be difficult for bay windows, so ceiling mounts can help give you a continuous look. Another option you have is to find a rod that has hinged elbows that swivel, since the rod you choose has almost as much impact as the bay window treatments themselves.

Opt for Elegance

Choose silk for elegance – Silk instantly makes your room look more sophisticated, and if you add stylistic elements to the insides to the panel (like fabric braids or an internal panel of a different color), you can add a touch of elegance without having to go overboard.

Bay windows bring their own stylistic elements, so dress them up to add your own pizzazz.

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