Carpet Square Options for New Flooring

Carpet squares have been around a long time and have not always been the first choice in floor coverings, but with recent improvements in quality and selection, and the ongoing global financial crisis, less expensive adhesive-backed carpeted tiles that offer numerous advantages over other types of floor coverings are enjoying a strong comeback.

Some of those benefits include ease of installation for the growing number of do-it-yourself enthusiasts, the ability to mix and match to create custom designs, less waste and lower cost over traditional broadloom carpet installation, they can be readily cut to fit around objects and into awkward locations, are less likely to stretch and become damaged, and enable spot repairs of burns, tears, or stains with removable and replacement tiles.

Carpet squares can be used to create more living space affordably by converting a cold basement or a dusty attic into a warm and welcoming carpeted bedroom, den, or play area. And with contrasting colors, retro styles, and patterns ranging from plaid to striped being all the rave, any room can be rejuvenated by alternating different colors and types of versatile carpet tiles to make fun and unique designs and borders on floors, furniture, and on walls where they can also serve as insulation and sound barriers.

For the environmentally and health conscious, carpeting tiles are also available in a broad range of contemporary natural, recycled, and renewable materials, while themed carpeted squares can be purchased with sports emblems, logos, or characters for use in day care centers, game rooms, restaurants, and many other settings.

Instead of having to wait for your special order to come in, you can get your new floor done quicker by simply being able to walk into any home improvement store and instantly purchase off-the-shelf carpet tiles that are ready to be installed and, with comparatively little investment, significantly improve the value and appearance of your home or business, get your house ready to sell in a tough economy, and even redecorate a rental apartment or condo, as many carpeting squares now are adhesive-free so they aren’t difficult to remove if you relocate or want to change some of the tiles for a new look at some point in the future.

With the significant difference in price – carpet tiles are typically 30 to 50 percent cheaper than traditional carpeting – and a wide array of practical and innovative uses, when it comes to interior design projects and remodeling, it is no wonder that carpet squares have become a trendy alternative flooring choice that is rapidly growing in popularity.

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