Camping in Vintage 1960’s Style

On a recent camping trip, I discovered a whole subculture of people who travel and camp in vintage trailers. On our particular loop in the campground, there were five vintage trailers representing a group who were traveling across the state together.

Every summer, a group of my neighbors and I camp together – it started as a mash-up with some families who had trailers and some who camped with tents. Over the years. those with tents (like me) have decided that sleeping on the ground isn’t exactly our idea of a good time – now our group travels in trailers.

A neighbor of ours arrived in the 1969 Aladdin pictured above, and to me it was a piece of modern art on wheels. Aside from the carpet and upholstery, the trailer is in great condition with original accessories. I was fascinated by what is now a useful piece of pop culture, the epitome of recycling and reusing…with style.

What’s this on the outside near the hookups? I don’t know, but it looks awesome.

The inside has been gussied up, but the stove is the original teal. The owners repainted the refrigerator and the inside of the door to its original shade to match the stove.

The refrigerator isn’t actually a working fridge – it’s an ice box. When it’s opened, the inside smells of the 1940s refrigerator owned and used for over 50 years by my grandmother.

The inside comes complete with a comfortable seating area, with a table that seats four and a couch. Combined, these make a sleeping area that is equal to a King-size bed. The bunk overhead folds out for an additional sleeping area.

The light fixtures and the door lock – both work – are original, and end our tour of this trailer also known as a rolling piece of history.

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