Budget Home Decorating Guide

Looking to decorate your home on a tight budget? You are in the right place; read on to learn how you can showcase your home without spending a fortune!

We all want our home to look like those magazine spread photos or what we see in the designer showcases. And if you can afford a top interior designer and refurnish your home every several years it’s pretty easy; find one you like and you just tell them what you want and start writing out checks!

Yeah, right, like it’s ever that easy … regardless what your budget may be! So we’ve put together our best interior design budget-saving, penny pinching, home decorating tips for you. And in these tough economic times we’re all looking for ways to save money.

Getting Creative: DIY Interior Design

For many Do-it-Yourselfers with limited remodeling and decorating funds and minimal skills and expertise, it’s can be a real grind to make your home’s interior look like a designer showcase. It usually means no professional interior designer, which can be a real set back potentially. But you can learn from others and by doing a little research.

It takes planning and forethought, creativity and bargain hunting and a whole lot of hard work to make your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or living area come together in style and comfort. One advantage of decorating your home on a budget is that you have fewer choices to make so you can focus on getting each element just right.

Principles of Interior Design on a Budget

It also really helps to know at least a little about interior design principles, space planning, color schemes, etc. and some formulas for successfully pulling off your ideas and creative inspirations.

The Rafter Tales Interior Design on a Budget series gives you tons of great ideas, another of our complete photo galleries, plus examples of how to pull your interior design together without spending your life’s savings.

Affordable Home Decorating Ideas

Looking to decorate your home on a tight budget? We’ve got all kinds of ideas, photos and tips for you on affordable home decorating. You don’t have to spend a lot to give your home’s interior a designer look!

Interior Design Shopping on a Shoestring

If you’ve always wanted your home to look like you hired an Interior Designer but you don’t want to spend a lot, follow these great tips on how to find deals and bargains.

Choosing Interior Design Themes

With any home decorating or interior design project, start by considering the theme you want; you can carry a theme throughout the entire home or choose themes specific to different rooms.

Ultimately, the homes we remember most after seeing the glossy photos or visiting in person are the ones that have an overriding theme throughout, with variations that make each space distinctive while fitting in with the whole.

Color Doesn’t Cost Extra!

If you’re on a budget, then using color can help level the playing field; it costs relatively the same to paint a high end interior as it does on a smaller budget project. Sure, you could pay for a custom faux paint or trompe l’oeil masterpiece, but if you have basic art skills, creating your own unique walls will be a fun do-it-yourself project.

It may not be a Picasso, but the pain costs the same both way, so why not look for a faux painting technique you feel comfortable trying and would enhance your home décor? If worse comes to worse, you can always repaint!

Affordable Artwork for Home Decorating

You probably think you have to be rich to afford artwork to decorate your home. If so, read on to learn how you can find inexpensive art prints, posters, do-it-yourself artwork and fine art to give your home a more sophisticated look, adding color, texture and interest to your home’s decor.

Bedroom Decorating On a Budget

Our bedroom is our own little sanctuary, but many of us tend to neglect it because it is away from the public eye. In fact, our bedroom is probably the only personal space we get in the home and therefore, should be a perfect haven. Instead, it is often cluttered and under-used because, after all, we are usually the only ones to see it.

But why not treat yourself and create a beautiful boudoir, as oppose to having a storage room with a bed. It’s not as expensive to do as it sounds; all it takes is a little creativity, a lick of paint and a few accessories; read these articles for tips to help you design your bedroom on a budget.

Master Bedroom Decorating on a Budget

Even if budget is tight decorating your master bedroom will help make it your own haven away from public view; a place you’ll want to spend time relaxing. If you’re looking for ways to make your master bedroom look better without spending a small fortune, read on for great money saving tips and ideas.

Kids Room Decorating on a Budget

Our series on affordable home decorating ideas continues with these great ideas, examples and photos on inexpensive kids bedroom decorating. Read on to learn how you can make your boy or girl bedroom comfortable and kid-stylish on a tight budget!

Budget Bathroom Decorating

If you are trying to decorate your bathroom on a budget, read these great tips and see pictures of bathroom remodels that don’t cost a fortune to complete!

As always, we’ve tried to make these features as practical and informative as possible, but please let others learn from your own expertise if you have examples or additional ideas to share by posting your comments below.

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