Are You Influenced by Paint Color Names?

You know those color cards in the paint aisle of home improvement stores? Many people are familiar with the colors on those cards and find the color names intriguing… as they’re marketed to be. Even if a color stands out to someone they’re forgetting that the name also has a significant part in their selection. We’re all influenced by paint color names.

Paint companies know we get emotional over paint names. In a poll asking people to choose between two colors for their bedroom 64% of people said they chose a color because of its name at least once. In this poll the color choices were “Quiet Moments” and “Arctic Gray.” “Quiet Moments” took this poll. One participant responded that she just couldn’t imagine sleeping in a room called ‘Arctic Gray’, although the color was really nice, according to her.

This is why professional writers are hired to stir your emotions with clever names. Much time and energy is put in by these paid professionals to vie for your attention with such names like “Baby Breath”, “Morning Kiss”, “Sweet Memory”, “Summer Breeze”. These names are chosen arbitrarily sometime. What color do you think “Sweet Memory” would be? The answer seems subjective.

The individual paint cards that are next to every paint can, advertising the manufacturer’s color, are also cue cards. They want you to take them home, like a brochure for every single color. The more you have of one company’s swatches, the more likely you are to choose one of their paints.

In order for this advertising to work, the name, the color, and the brand are tied in together. It’s a complete package of three different stimuli. Imagine in the original poll those participating were choosing between mirages. A participant might choose one over another thinking they barely noticed a certain part when in fact that part completed the picture to their liking. This is how this advertising works. Who knows how many in the poll were swayed by the name and had no idea?

Photo by Walulla Junction

Some of these names do not even point to color they label. For example, “Long Getaway”, “Victorious”, Old House”, and “Memorable Shade” don’t even seem to suggest a certain hue. Sometimes the name might not be chosen with regards to the color it describes. If you find that the color “Super Awesome” catches your attention don’t worry, people were paid lots of money to do that. Imagine you write “Super Awesome” on the wall. Does this make your room look better? But that’s what you’re buying if all you notice is the name.

So when selecting paint, try not to pay attention to the color names at all. The initial comfort of your selection comes with a price if you don’t do this. You might get home and realize that your room doesn’t look as good as you thought it would. Take this as a warning. The subjective response a buyer has picking a color out could turn out to be far from objective. Don’t leave the comfort of your home up to the first impression its name gives you.

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